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This New Delhi 3BHK with a corner bar is a comfort home for a family of Five.

Area encapsulates a lovely dining table made of Italian Marble top with hand painted mural wall

The iRenovate family is getting bigger with more and more customers connecting with us .Home renovation/construction/interior designing can be a recondite task . Hiring different workmen for different tasks,running from place to place for getting the best material for your home can really get you on your last legs . We offer a complete range of services for the planning, design, and delivery of interior environments. Services include strategy, space planning, 3D visualization with the best interior designers in delhi. 
Experience a seamless renovation with iRenovate, as the Suri’s did !

Who lives here:  Mr Pravin Suri , his wife , two sons and a daughter-in-law

Location:  Narang Colony ,Janakpuri
Size:  300 sq yd.
Design team: Pls mention
iRenovate service:  Full home design including flooring, Kitchen, furniture, 3 Beds, Bar unit, Dining table, Walk-in wardrobes.
Budget:  â‚¹â‚¹â‚¹â‚¹â‚¹

Mr. Pravin Suri , one of our clients got their 300 sqyd plot in Janak Puri renovated and designed by us . And this is what he wants to say –“I always thought this renovation thing was a herculean task ,but Irenovate changed my perception totally . I was very much in clover , as they are the ones who bear the brunt for you . The lavish bar is the focal point of the house and its exactly how I wanted it to be . Quality is something that matters to me the most . Irenovate totally ensures that high quality material is installed .Hettic Innotech fittings have been installed in our modular kitchen .The murals in the dining area and the master bedroom are truly magnetic ! With all the upmarket interior designs , my house looks just flawless ! Thankyou Irenovate ! ”

Have a look at their sublime and plush interiors

Enchanting entrance

God resides at the entrance of the home. And hence , the entrance of the home , must be kept very clean and as it is said that “First impression is the last impression”,your entrance has to be eye-grabbing !

The entrance opened into a beautiful living room which is a comfortable zone created for the family

The Indian touch has been blended so well with the modern interiors! The living room has been so well designed and white has been beautifully used here by adding these showpieces ! The murals in the dining area and the master bedroom are truly magnetic ! TV wall unit has been done very nicely using a catchy wallpaper and providing the mini wall for it to distinguish it from the others

Breathtaking bedrooms !

Simplicity at its best ! And one unique feature is the changing room at the back . Space has been so well utilized by keeping the changing room at the back of the bedhead wall.

A soft back bed with matching sofa and textured wall enhances every room

The family tree !

Now this is something we have all done in our childhood –making a family tree! The way those nostalgic memories have been brought back,by creating this family tree on the wall is absolutely amazing !

This hand painted family tree is culmination of art with family history.

The lavish bar and the kitchen !

The lavish bar is the focal point of the house . This is something that the Suri’s specially wanted – A LAVISH BAR ! A space where Mr Suri can sit and relax and have a good conversation over drinks with his two sons in the evening ! The light system that has been incorporated in the bar , makes it even more amazing.

The bar at the corner of the living room is a masterpiece in itself

Last but not the least , the kitchen ! A corner with high-quality equipments to make your life easy ! .Hettic Innotech fittings have been installed in the modular kitchen .The brand speaks for itself and is long-lasting .

A modular kitchen with dual color tones of greys and whites makes it a liveable space



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This New Delhi 3BHK with a corner bar is a comfort home for a family of Five.

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