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Wedding decoration ideas for Indian homes

Wedding is one of those occasions where the entire ambiance and surrounding is blissful. Since a wedding involves an array of rituals which are organised in home, each of this rituals need an apt ambiance which has to be created very carefully.

If you fancy a particular mood, or simply want to create a gorgeous and memorable setting, here are few ideas on how you can go about it.


Indoor Garden:

This adds freshness to the decor . Walls covered in greens, large green trees with hanging votive candles, trellis over the dinner area covered with greens and hanging chandeliers, will give you the perfect indoor garden look .

Lights and flower

Combination of light strings and fresh flowers make a perfect background . Firstly, get the entire area  covered with soft coloured curtains. And then, simply add a string of lights and some beautiful flowers to give an amazing festive look .

 Bright hangings and drapes

Another dreamy combination is that of bright hangings and curtains.  A simple drape of satin curtain across the area  looks classy and elegant.The drapes can be of any colour while the shiny crystals just add more energy to the environment of celebrations.


Rolling the royal look .

Artificial pillars and arches of a royal colour will give an imperial look . The set up will not only look great, but will also make your photos standout.

 Welcoming the guests :

Your guests are going to flow in through this entrance. It is true that the first impression is the last impression ! Hence , entrance should be eye-catching . Curtain the entrance with strings of white lilies or jasmine. The entry way cannot be more pleasant and charming than this.Have a mix of yellow and orange marigold to drape your gates and balcony. Give your guests a heavenly, aromatic welcome. Host your guests with colourful and fragrant marigolds, jasmine and roses.

It’s lit !

A wedding house can never look gorgeous without a generous amount of lighting. From fairy lights to diyas and candles, the real mood is always set with the lighting. To give a great ambience to the terrace or the balcony, try having some diyas and flowers arranged gorgeously in a huge traditional vessel. With sheer curtains or drapes, the warmth of these diyas only gets multiplied.  Candles surrounded with  flower petals look great .


You can use decorative matkas for the mandap .

Step up !

Some of us have huge single or double stairs in our homes and we cannot miss out on adorning them.

Swinging happiness –

A tree in your backyard can serve as an excellent space for hanging a jhoola for the couple. If you already have one, spruce it up with flowers and colourful ribbons. If you are doing it specially for the occasion, use colourful ropes and stylish seats that blend with the theme selected. Fairy lights can be wrapped around to dispel any darkness around your house. To give it an auspicious touch, tie up tiny bells at the end of the floral strings.

Plan your budget:

This is a very important aspect which should be considered while planning for the wedding. Planning your budget beforehand will give you an idea about the number of decorations which can be incorporated in the wedding. Being careful and planning your budget will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Plan it through pictures:

To make the decoration process more easily you can take pictures of all the places and plan accordingly. Once you have taken the pictures of all the places in your home, try and imagine about each place where you can decorate .  Doing this will make your decoration process an easier one.

Dream Themes –

Wedding planners, nowadays contemplate on how to keep things unique, chic and subtle. Some of the popular themes that can dominate Indian weddings include the Bold Bohemian, Soft Pastels,  Modern and Minimalistic, The new Vintage, Modern Mughals, Rustic Chic.

  • Bollywood dhamaka –Bollywood wedding theme idea is also a preferable option. Event managers may opt to display a short film story(prewedding  shoot ) enacted by the groom and the bride, along with close friends to make the wedding ceremony a great event.  In this theme, the wedding planners use simple, homemade items and creativity to plan wedding.
  • Paper & Origami Theme:  Ideal for the mehendi.Swap real flowers for paper flowers on the tables, hang bright coloured origami cranes from the trees and large floral fringed streamers on a wall to make the perfect backdrop for your photo booth.

  •  Bulbs & Sequins:  Nothing screams glamorous louder than  lots of bulbs- hanging above the bar, or as strings to cover the ceiling. These are perfect for any sangeet.
  • The Rajasthani:  Pick elements from the local rajasthani bazaar, pinwheels, puppets, umbrellas, used dhols as coffee tables and filled chai glass holders with gulab and mogra.  Clay elephants painted  in bright neon colours will adorn the look.
  • Vintage : Pale colours, lots of lace, antique mirror frames, pearl details and lots of candles. Imported hydrangeas and peonies and put them out in teacups as table centrepieces.
  • Fairytale Fantasy –Best thing about fairytale wedding theme idea is that every decor, along with wedding attire includes eye-catching colour combinations and designs.

  • BohemiaIn the Bohemian style, baby breaths, bold hues, sneakers , are a common appearance.


  • Pastel-The new shade card for the pastels is the happy blue, nice baby pink. The new style brings romance and elegance into the Indian wedding. All this accompanied by the use of unusual hues like pale yellow or mint keeps the style a minimalistic yet attractive.

Let your wedding planner bear the brunt –

Mere selection of a theme is not helpful and in recent times, to make a wedding event successful, it is important to hire the services of an acclaimed wedding planner. These professionals offer their services to their customers to make their events successful. The cost of hiring such service varies from place to place.


You can have the following decorations for the walls of your home-

  • Have blow-up pool toys as wall decorations for pool-side weddings.
  • Have quilts or beautiful artwork to decorate plain walls.
  • Have straw hats and fill them with flowers or decorate with colourful ribbons.


  • Install hanging topiaries on the ceiling and cover the ceiling with foam balls along with your choice of flower heads and ribbons.
  • Have balloon arches


  • You can have attractive and comfortable carpets and rugs on the floors.
  • Perhaps you can decorate other areas of your home like the aisles, chairs, tables, buffet table and so on with colourful, scented candles and flowers.

You can use these ideas to make you D-Day perfect and make some indelible memories  ! Best of luck .


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Rolling the royal look is just awesome. Thank you for sharing these amazing ideas.

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