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Your guide to installing the perfect home gym! - iRenovate

Fitness freak ?  Why not install your own home gym rather than joining a gym elsewhere ? Its very important to keep yourself fit. It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body ! Hence, it becomes all the more important to keep yourself healthy and fit .

When you are using same equipment, benches and dumbbells which someone else had just used with all the sweat on their body, there are chances of getting ill, skin reactions and many other problems. So, you can set up your own home gym.

 Find a space in your home for your workouts –

This is the very first step. The spare bedroom, office, or even a back porch, are all great spaces for exercise.If you have enough space, then you can have one complete room for your gym or a corner for it.

The perfect home gym

Gym at home !

Create the environment –

Add in more light sources to your room. Bring in plants which  can also help boost oxygen levels in the room. Remove all gadgets, gizmos, papers, or other items that might call your attention away from your workout.Mirrors  help in motivating people while workout.If you are a gym addict, you will surely feel the urge to hear loud music as it really motivates to perform better in the workout. Air fresheners spray aroma after every few minutes and keep the whole area enthusiastic.

gym environment

Environment is important !


 Get the right equipment –

You don’t need a ton of equipment or bulky machines to make your home gym.One set of dumbbells ,foam rollers , balance disks , jump ropes will also solve the purpose . You don’t have to buy everything all at once. Start with a few key pieces and then gradually keep adding .

When you are planning a gym, you have to understand few basics about how you can achieve desired fitness goal. If you want to gain some muscles or you want to lose fat, in both the cases you have to do weight training. You have to train every muscle individually.

Machines are very expensive and dumbbells on the other hand are quite inexpensive . One can easily perform many different exercises for each body part using dumbbells.  Rather than buying individual stations for each exercise, you can buy a multi-station. Multi-station is a type of machine in which one can perform many different exercises.

The machines complete your home gym

Multi station

Some people prefer floor exercises like jumping jacks, pushups mountain climbingburpees, etc. to increase the flow of blood into the body parts before beginning their workout.

Treadmill or cycle –

It is better to get a cycle to warm up your body rather than a treadmill as it utilizes less space .

Punch Bag : Be sure to put the bag up with enough room in every direction so that you can really work it.

Barbell & plate set : This is the most important piece of equipment you’ll need for your home gym. Some of the exercises are –

Legs: Front squat, Back squat, Lunges, Dead lift

Back: Barbell row, Upright Row, Power Cleans

Shoulders: Military Press, Behind the neck press

Chest: Bench Press (flat incline & decline)

Arms: Bicep curls, Skull crushers, Close grip bench press

Organize !

Get creative with ways you can store your fitness equipment to keep it neat, dust free, and out of sight when not in use


Proper gym flooring will  help reduce the sound level coming out of the gym and of course will protect your floor from getting damaged if any equipment falls .

Your home gym is incomplete without the Rubber mats

Rubber-mats !

Aim for commercial grade foam flooring as this will last many years and is very affordable. Dumbbells falling on ground can damage the floor and this can be prevented by adding rubber mats in the dumbbell section.


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