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Wardrobe With Loft Design Ideas

Now ,reading the heading , what comes to your mind is what exactly is a wadrobe with a loft ? Well , these are those wardrobes which touch the ceiling of your room to provide you  with the extra space that’s needed to store your non-daily items like maybe your off season clothes or quilts and blankets that you don’t use in summers or may be diwali gifts that you don’t use daily or some extra crockery  in the upper shelves of the wardrobe. Lack of storage is often a persistent issue in every home. From clothes to luggage, your storage never seems to be enough.

 A wardrobe with loft utilizes  the extra space above the wardrobe’s main frame and efficiently takes care of every storage need. This space tucks neatly above the wardrobe and cleverly hides away items that you don’t want to see often.


Here are the advantages of wardrobes with loft –

Efficient utilization of space- Since it clears up space for other priority stuff and daily use items

They are easy to maintain.

Stylish – If properly designed , they can fit into the space nicely and give a really good look to your bedroom .

Can be customized according to your wish (discussed later in this article )

Here are the disadvantages of wardrobes with loft -

It might not be possible for you to clean it every day because of its height .

Not easily accessible .

Since the advantages outdo its disadvantages , you must go for wardrobes with loft; specially if there is a space crunch at your home .


Here are some different ways in which you can use your wardrobes with lofts -

The elongated ones-
The slightly elongated loft shutters are wide and tall enough to swallow even the burliest of suitcases. Choose shutters in greige and neutrals to amplify the size of your room.

No handle hassle -

 Not to worry, they’re easy to use and simply require a gentle push to pop open.

The sliding door loft –

These kind of designs with sliding door loft shelves are much easier to open and close . . So one can go for this option . To add a little bit of style to these , you can install lights in the shelves and can install translucent glass doors .


Wardrobes with loft for small Indian homes /flats -

I think it’s literally  the best option for small Indian homes/flats as it clears up space for only daily use items and all your non daily items and the extra stuff can be loaded up in the shelves up there .It provides a great storage solution. So go for it !


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