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Colour Combinations For Living Rooms - Turn Your House Into a Home

Have you ever felt that you are not like everyone else around you, that you have a different style, and a different personality altogether? And to stand out from the crowd, you do all sorts of stuff; be it fashion, public speaking, or working on your body language. While all these things work exceptionally well, we often forget the basic stuff. Stuff like where we live, how we live, what we do for our homes, etc. We often tend to forget that a person can tell a lot about ourselves, by just looking at our homes. And how can you make sure that your home symbolizes YOU? Well, that’s where we come in.

Modern colour schemes for living rooms

  • Royal Palette

This fascinating and warm desert orange palette can charm the eyes of anyone! This colour scheme is a perfect fit for people who want an escape hatch at the end of a tiring day. Moreover, a desert-like environment always uplifts your mood, and of the ones around you; and also fuels your wanderlust.


  • Zen

A timeless combination, as it is modern, and reflects the old lifestyle of Buddhist monks. It makes your living room look like a white dove, promoting peace; and the black portrays the balance that follows.


Two colour combination for living rooms

  • Pink Panther

Feeling like the rush you find everywhere is too much and want a break?

Then this electric colour is all you need! Tone down fittings and combinations to a more minimal setting, so that you can truly be with yourself.


  • Aquamarine

A sophisticated shade of blue, integrated with a very formal white and brown mixture. This makes a perfect wall colour combination for a small living room. And the feeling of being on a sea shore will make you relax and instantly forget about your hassles and struggles; and also boost your creative side to a great extent.


Living room colour ideas for brown furniture

  • Rusty

Add a rustic touch to your living room with a pure white colour theme to go with your brown furniture. This will put the furniture in a beautiful contrast with the walls of the room, and take you to a more retro feel, and time.

  • Bond, Blue Bond

This colour combination smartly balances its dark blue walls with the organised brown furniture. This combination comes under one of the most popular living room colours. And, it also provides you with the feeling of being an elite spy, with its premium colour choice and wittiness; which is enough to revive the “Bond” side of you!


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