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Interior Designing: Types of wood used

Wood is an essential part of interior designing  .Be it your furniture , your doors , the window frames , sometimes even the walls , everything has wood as a major component .Hence , it becomes very important to select the right kind of wood for your interiors .The building block for your home, wood, plywood can literally be the backbone of a construction, which is why choosing the right kind of wood becomes all the more crucial. Here are some types –

 Oak Wood for interior designing

oak wood interior design

Oak wood in interior designs

Cedar Wood for interior designing

This wood is ideal for closet and chests because of  its successful deterrent abilities against moths and other insects and odor destroying causes.

Cedar wood panelling

Cedar wood panelling

 Poplar Wood for interior designing

It’s the first tree to have its DNA decoded.poplar wood


Teak Wood for interior designing

Used for doors, window frames and both indoor and outdoor furniture.

decoist teak

Interiors done in teak !


 Padauk Wood for i nterior designing

Padauk is used for  musical instruments and carvings and most commonly the intricacies of furniture, for this wood is stronger than oak and can withstand adhesives making it a durable and vivacious red wood.

Padauk wood

Alder Wood for interior designing

It is an affordable option for installing a quality product. The wood can be easily manipulated through sanding and staining to create a one of a kind surface and hue.

 Purple Heart Wood for interior designing

It is nown for its bendable and flexible endurance it is great for fabricating high quality furniture that is greatly resistive to fungus and termites.The color, which changes in character overtime and become a richer, deeper hue, is a wonder of woods.

purple heart wood

purple heart wood

Plywoods for interior designing

Plywood is basically sheets of wood that have been pasted together.types of boards

Different types of Plywood:

There are 2 different types of Plywood that are used in home interior wood work:

  • MR Grade or commonly referred to as Commercial Plywood – This is your regular plywood, which can be used in making your Tv stand, Shelves and other interior work except in Bathrooms and Kitchen
  • BWR Grade Plywood (Boiled Water Resistant) or commonly referred to as Marine Ply – This should be used for kitchen or bathroom .

Walnut Wood

Its a dependable wood ,neither expanding or shrinking, as another wood would do in normal circumstances.

 Lyptus Wood

It can be used for  wide paneled floor as well as cabinetry and as mentioned earlier, for millwork such as doors, frames, and crown molding.

Maple Wood

Decorative wooden pieces are often made from this wood .


Block Board

Blockboard is a cubical stock of wood that has been sandwiched between two thin sheets of ply . Blockwood has higher levels of durability and resistance .It is more sturdy and is not that easy to warp or bend.

Medium Density fibre .

MDF is a category of wood that is engineered and made from wood pulp. As its construction component is wood pulp, its resistance and sturdiness is a little less when compared to the blockwood .Due to its soft composition, a lot of carpenters are not comfortable working with MDF.

Particle Board

Particle Board is basically chips of wood glued together and pressed into sheets.Particle board is the cheapest of the lot.

It is a type of wood that has the least resistance to moisture and due to its low density & weight it offers good resistance to bending.

So , chooose wood for interior designs wisely . Good luck !!!


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