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Do it the right way - Part 1 - iRenovate

All of us want the house of our dreams. In that quest we often remodel our house to make it a better place to live in. For most of us this becomes the first experience of renovation and we want it to be a pleasant one. It is only when we initiate the process that we realize the complexity of the process. The situation is complicated due to lack of standardized services in the Indian context. We therefore, decided to provide critical information to our readers about the dos and don’ts of renovation. These small things may seem inconsequential to the reader but possess remarkable importance and can help you save tremendous money, time and effort.



Tiles can enhance the look and feel of your home’s interiors. One of the major reasons of their growing popularity is their easier maintenance when compared to wooden flooring. Tiles come in various sizes and the bigger tiles are costlier in comparison to the smaller ones.  If you are on a low budget you can use larger tiles in the area most frequented by your guests which is generally closer to the main entrance. Smaller tiles can be used in bedrooms as they are generally situated away from the main entrance. This will result in significant cost reduction in your budget.

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Do not forget to take precise measurements of your property as space constitutes an important aspect of renovation. The entire design will be built on the measurements initially taken for the purpose and therefore high degree of accuracy is desired. Everything including your rooms, furniture, wall, windows etc. should be measured to utmost precision. Any wrong measurement can disturb the aesthetics of the design and may even distort the design. Rectifying such mistakes in later stages may not be possible or may prove to be very costly.

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Most of the people tend to undermine the importance of  lighting in their houses or award less importance than it deserves. It is crucial to know that lighting can affect every other aspect of design like color, texture, pattern etc. It can change the feel and ambiance of your rooms and if arranged properly can make your rooms appear bigger in size.A good designer is well versed with the science of using appropriate light and it important for you to discuss the lighting system with your designer in detail as it will affect both the functionality and style of the design.

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Check for leakage !

If your bathroom is being made all over again then ask the contractor to create a temporary water catchment in your bathroom for 3-4 days. This is the best way to check for any leakages and must be done to avoid problems in later stages. Do not rush through things as repair of bathroom floor would be a cumbersome and costly process.  A good contractor would already be knowing this.


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