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Hostel room decor: The home away from home

Living in a hostel, with depressing and dull decor makes you miss your home more. Now create some indelible memories with your room mates, designing your own creative hostel room. We have very own DIY way of  hostel room decor which will really grab attention of people visiting your room. One can simply decorate your Hostel room with the things that are easily available in your surroundings and make the max out of the waste you have!

hostel room

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Try these simple and cool tips to decorate your hostel room to pep up your mood –

1.Tape Drape – 

Coloured tape that removes without residue is perfect for temporarily decorating your hostel room dull furniture.

Washi tapes for your shelf

2. Make your own wall photo mural: The most satisfying hostel room decor

A printed and abstract design wall mural makes your room feel much larger.


3.Build a simple, temporary headboard which gives perfect view to your hostel room decor

Using some cardboard and chart papers, you can make your own headboard.Paste it at the back side of your bed.


4. Poster Coaster beautifies your hostel room decor –

Simply tape around each poster you hang on the walls.

5.Indoor Vines –

Using small pots of plants can add a natural cool vibe to your room.Adding colours to your pots will make it look more crafty. Bring in some life with a few plants.


6.Hang a homemade geometric tapestry made from an old sheet.

Just make some geometric abstract designs using paints on old bed sheet and hang it on your study table or wall behind your bed.

7.Low-level seating area looks cool.

Lay down a mattress and adding a good bedsheet and some colourful cushions will make a nice corner for your room.

8.Use empty tea cans to store stationary.

Simply place a small magnet on the inside of the back of the tin.And place it on the fridge to get your stationary things handy.

9. Make a decorative jewellery holder out of a branch.

Just use a branch of a tree and hang it using strings to your wall . You can easily hang jewellery on this unique tree branch jewellery holder .

10 Lighten up your photos by hanging them alongside twinkle lights.

With the help of paperclips , hang your photos to a wire of lights and hang it on your wall.  Make a Polaroid garland by choosing your favourite Polaroid prints and hanging them on your walls using wall hooks, some string and cloth pegs. String it alongside glowing fairy lights to create an eye-catching “gallery” .


11. Winsome Wallpapers – 

Use easily removable peel-and-stick wallpaper. Place it behind your bed or use it to line the back of your desk.

12. Customise your pushpins-

You can basically glue anything to regular pushpins to create your bulletin board .


13.Customize plain storage boxes with paint.

Don’t throw your showboxes  and cartons now. Use them for storage and colour and design according to your wish .

14 Hanging wooden shelves.

Turn a basic wooden box into a statement shelf using only durable rope, a  drill and add some  bright colour.

15. Light ladder –

This rustic ladder adds a cool stylish look . Using only two items — colorful string lights and a  ladder , you can illuminate your room.

16. Beautiful Beaker –

This one is for all you science lovers.Use a glass flask, an Edison bulb and a wooden base to create this funky lamp perfect for a sophisticated study space.

17 . Cheese grater earring holder –

Just spray paint a cheese grater and you can hang your earrings on it .


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