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Termite free furniture is possible! Learn simple tips to get rid of Termites

We invest heavily in the furniture of house. Termites ( Deemak ) destroy your furniture to the core .They are one of the deadliest pests that can damage your household furniture. The termites damage your furniture very fast and can create a havoc in almost no time. It can be said without an iota of doubt that termite free furniture is the dream of every house owner.Termite free furniture is possible


If you find any sawdust type of material or discarded wings lying near your wooden furniture, and cracked and damaged paint finishes on your furniture, then surely your furniture are suffering from a termite infestation. It is a pest that can single-handedly start causing damage from the very foundation of your space and work its way up.Look out for discarded wings of the deadly termite

First and the most important thing you need to keep in mind that one should never compromise in buying the right quality of furniture and laminates that go with it. Low quality of furniture and laminates are an attraction for termites.

One of the best ways to protect wooden furniture from termites is to get occasional pest control done at your home or workplace.

If your furniture has not yet been infested by termites, then you can protect it with a little bit of precaution.Here are some ways –

Keep the moisture out – 

Moisture contents in wooden furniture can invite termites and hence if you want to get termite free furniture, you must eliminate moisture. Don’t use water or liquid cleaner to clean your furniture. Use a dry cloth instead .

Dry furniture has better chances of being termite free.

Clean with a dry cloth !

Aloe-Vera makes it Termite free

Aloe vera gel basically creates a barrier that termites will never cross, or won’t be able to cross.aloe vera prevents termite

Olive oil and white vinegar

Another way to protect your wooden furniture from termites is by applying a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar.olive oil and vinegar

Wood polishes

There are certain wood polishes available in the market, which can protect your wooden furniture from termites.It works to a great extent and help in protecting wooden furniture from termites.


Sunlight !

keep furniture in sunlight


Termites die under sunlight.



Borax is a common treatment for eliminating or killing termites. What you can do is either spray Borate solution on the affected wooden furniture or paint the infested area with the same solution.borax


They will ensure that your rooms remain dry and your furniture does not become a breeding ground for termites.

Pay attention

Pay attention to all the nooks and crannies in your home, which can potentially serve as an entryway for termites, and spray insecticide there, before you seal them.

Preventing termite infestation is an appreciable option, as getting termite free furniture once it is infested with the termites can be an expensive and tedious operation.


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