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Tables are definitely an integral  as well as the most useful  part of the furniture of our homes .We can use it for different purpose , as a centre table in the living room ,as a coffee table in the bedroom , as lobby tables which are perfect for placing our flower vases , as a dining table and there are numerous things for which different types of tables are used. A modern home calls for latest and trendy furniture and fittings . Table materials include sheesham wood, reclaimed teak, acacia wood, reclaimed pine, walnut, mango, driftwood and more.


Hence we  must choose it wisely . Hence according to different rooms , the design and type of table differs .Here are some table ideas for each room –

  • Living room -

Living rooms are often the center of our social life. A special place that hosts entertainment, chats or just the place where we can spend some quality time. Picking the right table  is crucial because it serves as the main showcase of the house. Here are some design ideas for the living room –(insert pics )

  • Bedroom –

A table in bedroom should match the other interiors of the bedroom . It is not for showcasing but to be used for a specific purpose . Hence it should be chosen wisely so that it can solve the purpose for which it has been bought . Here are some designs –(pics)


  • Lobby tables-

These are basically for showcasing purpose , commonly used for  keeping flower vases or other show pieces. These should not have a low height ideally , rest is your call .  Taller than coffee tables and with narrower tabletops, console tables—sometimes called entryway tables—look stylish nestled against the wall. Use as a functional surface behind a sofa or to create beautiful storage in your entryway.


  • Coffee Tables: Low tables typically placed in front of the sofa, coffee tables are an easy place to set remotes, magazines and books, as well as an essential piece of furniture for your living room.

  • Side Tables: As the name suggests, side tables generally reside on the side of the room, away from the main table but still near the sofa, chaise lounge or any armchairs in the space. Small in size, these tables are more similar to end tables than to coffee tables and are more than just living room furniture pieces—they're also a great addition to bedrooms and home offices. Plus, many of our tables can also be grouped together to create a bigger surface as needed.


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