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Table Decoration Ideas

The summer season is on and it’s time for parties, picnics and lots of fun! If you wish to invite your friends and family over for a get together, you have to give your party venue a summery, cheery look. Since food is the most important part of any function, be it formal or informal, you have to make sure that your tables are decorated in such a manner that the theme is kept intact, and, at the same time, it looks aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, we have come up with a number of DIY ideas for you to decorate your tables and impress upon your guests. So, let’s get started!

Table Decoration for Functions

  1. Flowers and Fruits

As you know, flowers and fruits never go out of style, they are evergreen. They always bring vibrancy to the table and so, using them for table decoration is one of the simplest ways to get your work done without spending any money. You can stack flower vases with fruits and colorful marbles of a particular color, and then use the same colored flowers to place in those vases. As easy as it sounds, your tables are going to look the prettiest.

Besides, flowers can be used in many other ways, whether inside shiny vases and pots, or simply kept on the tables to adorn the plain table cloth. It is up to you what ways you want to use and how creative you wish to get!

  1. Candle Stands

This is again a convenient and safe option that you can use. You can buy beautiful candle stands     from the market, or even use glass pots of different shapes and sizes to place candles inside of. Filling those candle holders with non-flammable material is going to enhance their look and your tables are going to shine and look extremely elegant and classy.

  1. Tea crockery

Placing colorful, pastel shaded teacups, along with matching plates and glimmer silver spoons can never fail to beautify the look of your tables. You can even decorate your tea kettle using beads and garlands of colors that synchronise with those of your crockery and the final look is going to be the most amazing ever.

  1. Wine glasses and champagne bottles

Another easy trick, you can place wine glasses and champagne (or any other) bottles which you are either going to use during the party, or have already been used. To compliment these, you can place flowers, fruits, candle stands or anything colorful that goes with the concept.

  1. Plants

If you feel flowers are too generic a way to decorate tables, then you can surely experiment and try something different like using plant holders to place on the centre of your tables. This will please the eco-friendly you and give your tables a hatke look.


Table Decoration Ideas for Birthday Party

Since it’s your birthday, you don’t wish to feel and be worked up. And so, decorating your tables is one thing you don’t want to pay much heed to. Hence, we have some really simple and cute ways for you to enhance your plain tables and give them the birthday look without putting in too many efforts.

Firstly, the above mentioned ideas for functions are suitable for all kinds of parties, whether a birthday or not. So you can obviously use one of those, or mix and match them as per your own wish.

If it’s your kid’s birthday (age 1-10 years), then you can use birthday party supplies, from caps and masks to labels and glittery hangings. You can also use birthday cups and bowls and fill them with glitter which is going to instill a sense of wonderment among the kids.

If you are a teenager and you wish to have a stylish and teeny birthday look, you can use colorful candles and crockery to embellish your tables.

These are just a few suggestions that you can take something from and use your own creativity and innovativeness to come up with something unique and fabulous!

Dining Table Decorations

It’s not important that you only decorate your tables when you have a function coming up. Your eyes are also required to be pleased on a regular basis and so, you can keep changing the look of your dining tables after every few days according to your own taste, so that you are never bored of looking at it and this way you can even allow yourself to overcome creative blocks.

Your classy ceramic crockery and cutlery can be placed on your dining table along with table mats and fruit baskets or flower vases.

You can even place a big happy family card right in the middle or a card with a related quote.

A combination of candle stands and flower bouquets will beautify your table and give your dining room an edge over others.




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