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Do it the right way -part 5 - iRenovate

Here comes the 5th part of the new series –


Make sure you buy the best quality cement . Branded cements are the best . Cement comes in different grades – 53 grade , 43 grade and 33 grade . Lower the grade , more is the setting period . And more the setting period , stronger the structure/wall becomes . Hence , lower the grade , better the wall strength .

Once the cement bag has arrived , check that the bag is not open or torn from any of the sides .There should be no lumps inside the cement bag .cement

Choose the best bathroom fittings –

Check the product yourself . Just pick it up in your hand and feel its weight . If one is heavy and the other one is light , opt for a heavy faucet . A good qaulity faucet will weigh more than the low quality faucet . Always remember to take the warranty card from the seller .

Try buying set of fittings of similar style to enhance your bathroom interiors .taps



All those fancy LED lights in your room , cannot really replace a tubelight . No doubt , those LED lights look good ,but for your regular usage , tubelights are better . One tubelight is sufficient to brighten up your whole room . Over time , you’ll definitely use the tubelight rather than the LED lights .

Doors and window frames made out of Granite –

Although , wood has been the first choice for making frames of doors and windows , but over a period of time , good quality wood has become rear and costly . Granite frames are the best  and have become  very popular as they are firm and stay longer than wooden frames .Granite makes sure that your frames stay rigid and in correct position .


Wallpapers for wall with leakage – A big NO NO !

Wallpapers are an absolute No No on the walls where there’s  a leakage problem . Wallpaper will start peeling and may turn pale . Before a wallpaper is applied , a coat of primer  needs to be applied on the wall . This may prevent moisture but doesn’t solve water seepage problem .


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