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Do it the right way - part 4 - iRenovate

So here is the part 4 of the new series that we started off with, a  few weeks ago . This series basically provides you with some construction and interior designing tips that you can refer to while renovating or constructing your house .

Wall tiles for Indian home kitchens –

wall tile for kitchen

Spicy Indian food , basically consisting of lots of oils and Masalas can make painted walls in your kitchen very dirty and oily . It is much much better to use tiles instead of paint in your kitchen as the tiles are easy to clean and long lasting . Having painted walls in your kitchen , just behind the stove is a bad idea and requires regular maintenance costing you a lots of pennies .You’ll literally go bananas cleaning the oil and dirt if you have painted walls instead of tiles in your kitchen.  So it is simply better to have tiles in your kitchen.

Home automation is like going on a spending spree –

Well ya ! You might be a tech savvy wanting to incorporate those geeky iPad/iPhone controlled lights and music system but honestly these are just waste of  money . These are not everlasting things , and moreover there are high chances of these devices getting out of order . These devices will just work well for a few months and will do no good in the long run . And imagine the amount of money that gets wasted in its maintenance . If these get out of order , lots of money needs to be spent to repair it . So , make a wise decision and avoid installing such devices . And common ! You cannot be that slumberous ! It hardly takes any time to get up and switch on the light or any device !

control system

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone.

Magic corners , no more a magic for the kitchen !magic corner for indian homes

Magic corners are basically trolleys that fit in the corner of your kitchen and when you pull them out , they expand .Honestly , these do not even get used in the long run and such shelf trolley is a bit difficult to clean . So we highly recommend , not to incorporate them in your interior design . You can instead use the corner for keeping cylinder , dustbin or any other heavy object .

Mat finish – best for your bathroom !

Choose mat finish tiles for your bathroom . Glossy tiles are prone to skidding once wet . Mat finish tiles are within budget and moreover they are anti-skid , making it the best option for your bathroom.bathroom matt finish tiles


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