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Do it the right way - Part 2 - iRenovate

Last week we published the first part of the Dos and Don’ts of renovation series to help our readers take better decisions. This is the second part in the same series.  Use these tips the next time you renovate.


1. Knowing your Finances 
It is very important to know the depth of your pocket before you start any renovation project. Unless you are generating a never exhausting income, you must be concerned about setting up an upper limit to your expenses.  The budget set by you would generally get exceeded when design is actually implemented. You might face a financial crunch if you deviate much from the original plan and hence the crucial components of the design may get affected. For eg : If you spend way more than you originally planned on your TV wall , you might end up compromising on other important areas of your house. Stay on the track and avoid any major overhaul once you start with the project.

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2. Don’t forget the Facade!
The facade of the house is the most important part of the design of the house especially if you are renovating the house for reselling it. The facade is what the potential buyers will see the first and it also sets the tone for the interiors of the house. So it would be considered prudent on your part to add a “wow factor” to the front face of your house just to make it attractive and different from others at the same time. This may include a water feature, a front yard garden , a pathway with stones, block garden etc.  At the same time, BEWARE of the growing envy of your neighborhood.

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3. Don’t break the floor first when repairing 

Sometimes it is difficult to trace the point of leakage in the water system and the whole house has to be checked for leakage. In such a situation do not break the floor first as it might happen that the leakage is in the walls and your new floor will be exposed to water. Therefor it is advised that you break the wall first, remove the plaster and break the floor after doing the work on the wall.  This will minimize the exposure of your floor to water.

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4. When to get your walls painted

There is a tendency among people to get their walls painted as soon as they inhabit a newly constructed place. However this can charge you a lot of money. The walls of a newly constructed house contain a lot of moisture in them and start evaporating it into air once they get exposed to the heat generated by the inhabitants of the house. In such a scenario, it is possible that the walls may develop small cracks as the material used in them dries up. It is advisable that you do not do the final paint before the moisture content is reduced significantly. One year waiting time is recommended.

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Happy renovating. Stay updated!


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