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Red Oxide Flooring - Latest Flooring Trend in Modern Homes

This article will particularly focus on what a red oxide flooring is and everything about it. Before going into the details of what a red oxide flooring is, let us first generally talk about what flooring is all about!


Flooring, generally the most ignored part of the interior, includes the design, the material you use for the floor of your home. People generally do not give much focus on flooring while designing a home. They do not focus on whether the floor design is matching with the look of the room. Since flooring is not something that you change everyday, it is very important to make a wise decision in this matter so you don’t have to regret later.

Flooring designs, if chosen wisely can change the whole look of the room. In particular, I must bring to your notice that Red Oxide flooring (usually used in South-Indian homes ) is trending these days coz of the different look it gives to your home. In the latter part of the article, you will get the pros and cons of it too! So while designing your home, you can definitely consider RED OXIDE FLOORING in your list. Red Oxide flooring is an interior designer’s favourite these days!

Let us give you a quick customary Interior designer introduction before starting off with the main topic.


Be it changing the whole look of your room with false ceiling and awesome lighting system or making your room look more spacious or suggesting  the material you should use for the flooring,an interior designer will help you throughout  till you get the desired look for your home.


An interior designer's job is not just about picking out colors and fabrics to make a space more beautiful, it concerns itself with adding life to your humdrum looking home. Interior designers must make sure all of the work is completed on time. The designer has to coordinate with the painters, wallpaper designers, electricians, furniture manufacturers, fabric wholesalers and work as a team.


Stainless steel, kitchenware/appliances, modern furniture, and florescent lighting, they know it all! They make the dullest spaces more inspiring.

An interior designer should consider the overall space of a home and its individual rooms, what are the dimensions of the space and how was it constructed. The pros and cons of a space, pros and cons of materials to be used for renovating the house should be considered.


What is the history of red oxide flooring ?

Red oxide flooring is a cement oxide flooring, red in colour which was introduced in Kerala by Portuguese and Italian traders. Though it lost its popularity due to the emergence of contemporary flooring materials, it’s making a comeback to the flooring scene owing to the fact that its pocket-friendly and aesthetically appealing.


What are the advantages of Red oxide flooring ?

  • cost efficient
  • durable
  • low-key maintenance
  • Ideal flooring options for homes located in warm or tropical locations.
  • lustrous
  • Regular sweeping and mopping are enough to keep it in good condition for years.


What are the disadvantages of red oxide flooring?

  • needs to be laid skillfully by experienced masons
  • Not suited for outdoors(as extreme heat can lead to cracks )
  • The advantages of red oxide flooring definitely overshadows its disadvantages.


What about the budget ?

Red oxide flooring is way cheaper than many other flooring options – it costs only around Rs. 80-90 per square feet to lay red oxide floors.

Though it lost its popularity due to the emergence of contemporary flooring materials, it’s making a comeback to the flooring scene owing to the fact that its pocket-friendly and aesthetically appealing.


What is the method of laying Red oxide flooring ?

For laying red oxide floors, the first step is to mix dry cement and oxide. Next, slowly add water to get a slurry-like consistency. For one part oxide, up to three parts of grey cement will give a dark red hue. Increasing the quantity of cement will result in a lighter shade.

 On the first day after application, the floor should be kept moist by sprinkling water every two hours.

On the second day, a thin water column should be allowed to stand on the surface. Once it’s cured, it should be allowed to dry for a few days.

 Finally, apply wax and wait for at least three days, until the floor absorbs it.


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