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Must Have Plants for Indoor Renovation - iRenovate

When looking for quick, pocket friendly and easy ideas to accessorize your home for a different look, indoor plants and vines are the way to go. Indoor plants are turning out to be one of the biggest interior style trends in 2017 for their exquisite look and the fresh vibe that they add to your indoor aesthetic. Indoor plants can adorn almost any room styled in any theme or color without burning a hole in your pocket.

Bring The Nature Indoors – Indoor plants to give your home a fresh feel.

Indoor plants, apart from adding a stylish edge to the room, also come with various health benefits that make them a great bargain to go for. Plants are natural air purifiers that improve the air quality. It is scientifically proven that being close to greenery makes the one feel relaxed and at ease. Plants installed indoors can calm the mind and enhance the mood by reducing stress levels while making the interiors look lively. In today’s cut-throat competition’s  age, increasing stress levels have become the norm of the day. It is therefore, highly advised that we surround ourselves with natural things to control the stress levels.

Here’s five indoor plants and vines that are easy to grow and maintain and look appealing.

  1. Creeping Fig –


    Creeping fig

Beautiful combination of leathery green and pale leaves, this is a classic indoor slow growing, clingy creeper that needs little watering and looks great in bright pots.

  1. Jasmine –


    Indoor jasmine plant

Even though jasmine is majorly an outdoor plant, many varieties of it can grow indoors. This lightly fragrant plant is suitable to be kept near windows where it receives direct sunlight.

  1. Pothos (Money plant) –



The classic Indian houseplant that is easy to grow and maintain and looks great in every room.

  1. Ivy –


    Ivy creeper

The most popular and one of the best indoor vines which is easily adaptable and fast growing. It needs adequate but indirect sunshine to grow. Can be grown on hanging baskets for elegant corners.

  1. String of Pearls –


    string of pearls

This beautiful creeper looks different than the other indoor plants and requires low maintenance. It can be planted with a bunch of other indoor vines for a mixed appearance.



Beautiful indoor plants in the corners.


Indoor plants are a great way to style empty corners and lift up the vibe of the room. Large sized potted plants are great for keeping in the corners of the room while smaller sized ones can be kept on tabletops and shelves. No matter where they’re placed, it needs to be made sure that the plants receive adequate sunlight required for them to grow. Plants requiring less and indirect sunlight can be used in areas that lack direct sunlight.

Beautiful hanging pots

Hanging plants are a simple yet elegant way to grow plants indoors as well as outdoors in porches and windows. A wide range of beautiful hanging pots are available to match your needs and the interior of the room.

Growing fresh herbs in the kitchen.

What could be a better way to get fresh herbs whenever you need them than growing them yourself? Herbs like mint, coriander, basil and rosemary can be planted in little pots and kept near the windows (so that they receive adequate sunlight) of the kitchen.

Plants are dynamic and easy to style that they fit in with any theme and in every room. This fresh way to style your home is a must try!


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