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Latest Marble Flooring Designs For Modern Homes - iRenovate

When designing a home, marble can be the best option for flooring. It’s easy to clean, durable and gives a wonderful look to your floor. Available in different patterns and finishes, exquisite marble floor designs are created by laying tiles in different ways. Marble is the most popular natural stone in the construction sector. It is from the family of limestone and it is formed when limestone encounters extreme heat and pressure leading to metamorphic state of the stone. It is found in a variety of beautiful colors which are a result of impurities like iron oxide, mica, graphite and quartz, etc. The veins can be less or more visible depending on the quality of the marble. Higher grade marble has lesser amounts of impurities in its composition and therefore has fewer veins.

It is a soft stone that becomes a reliable material once installed and it is used all across the globe for floors, walls, showers, countertops, backsplashes, table tops, etc

Marble floors can be designed according to your taste as the stone is quite soft and can be cut into any shape of your choice. This gives the homeowners freehand when coming up with design patterns and ideas. Marble is a highly flexible stone with which you can create designs and patterns of your choice. You can have the tiles cut in custom shapes and sizes.

Lets first talk about how an interior designer can help you out in selecting the best marble design -

Be it changing the whole look of your room with false ceiling and awesome lighting system or making your room look more spacious or suggesting the material you should use for the flooring , an interior designer will help you throughout  till you get the desired look for your home.

An interior designer's job is not just about picking out colors and fabrics to make a space more beautiful, it concerns itself with adding life to your humdrum looking home. Interior designers must make sure all of the work is completed on time. The designer has to coordinate with the painters, wallpaper designers, electricians, furniture manufacturers, fabric wholesalers and work as a team.

Stainless steel, kitchenware/appliances, modern furniture, and florescent lighting, they know it all ! They make the dullest spaces more inspiring.

An interior designer should consider the overall space of a home and its individual rooms, what are the dimensions of the space and how was it constructed. The pros and cons of a space, pros and cons of materials to be used for renovating the house should be considered.

What are the advantages of marble floors?

Marble floors have advantages as well as disadvantages that homeowners need to be aware of before any remodeling plans are executed. Some of these pros and cons are listed below:

Marble Flooring Pros:

They give a royal look –Its royal look can elevate the look and feel of space. It is available in a huge variety of colors and shades. You can mix different colors and come up with a brilliant color scheme and design for your floor. Some of the famous marble colors in floor tiles are:

  1. Brescia Sinai
  2. Botticino
  3. Makrana
  4. Crema Marfil
  5. Calacatta Borghini
  6. Carrara Venatino

Unmatched radiance - The radiance of marble floors is unmatched.

Eco-Friendly: Natural stones like marble do not require any kind of chemical processing and they prove to be environment-friendly as compared to synthetic floor materials which lead to emission of harmful gases and toxic wastes.

Shine: You can add as much polish as you desire and the floor will sparkle with glamorous elegance.

Density: Marble is a high density stone, therefore making it an appropriate choice for flooring for areas with lots of traffic or continuous use.

What are the disadvantages of marble design floors ?

  • Can be easily damaged - Marble floor tiles are easily damaged if not properly maintained. They can be damaged from scratches. Even scraping and chipping can ruin the surface very badly.
  • Prone to stain : Marble is a metaphoric form of carbonate minerals which are basic in nature. Because of this basic inherent nature marble tiles react violently when in contact with acidic substances. These reactions lead to staining and etching of tile with permanent discoloration. Spillages of wine, coffee, orange juice or even ketchup should be cleaned immediately to avoid damages. While choosing cleaning products stay clear from those that have high pH levels as these products contain acids and can stain the tiles. For weekly cleaning of the marble floors always use non-acidic products intended for its cleaning. Clean and dry mops should be used for daily cleaning purposes.
  • Professional Installation: Marble floor tiles -. If installed incorrectly then chances of the whole floor getting ruined are high. It is recommended that stone professionals should be hired for the installation of the floor.
  • Slippage Hazard: They are extremely slippery when polished which can cause severe accidents.
  • Expensive-Their per tile cost, installation charges and maintenance costs are higher than any of the natural stones used in the construction sector.

Marble Floor Design Ideas:

The design possibilities are unlimited. Here are a few –

Hiring the Herringbone Pattern: Herringbone is a beautiful pattern that looks ravishing in a modern kitchen. It is made with rectangular tiles. You can create variations of this pattern by using different shades in alternate rows or a dramatic combination of dark and light tiles.

  1. The best Brick Pattern: It is the perfect choice for a patio or an outside kitchen floor.
  2. Regular Pattern: A regular pattern is the one in which big sized tiles are laid horizontally. This pattern is perfect for kitchens or rooms that need to look big and airy.
  3. 3D effect: The latest design that has taken the world by storm is the optical illusion floor or the 3D floor. In this design different colors with varying shades are used to add depth and dimension to a design.
  4. Repeating Pattern: A repeating pattern can incorporate a combination of colors that look wonderful. 
  5. Beautiful Bordered floors-Different sizes or shapes can be used for the border as well to make it more distinct. Hallways or entryways can be more defined if bordered with a dark colored marble tile.
  6. Marvelous Mosaics and medallions: Creativity in such designs have no limits.


Marble flooring for bedrooms –

Using marble for the flooring of your bedroom is definitely a great choice as it can instantly jazz up the look of your bedroom. Since it’s durable and easy to maintain, marble would be a great choice.

Marble flooring for drawing rooms –

Due to the imperial and royal look it provides to a space, it’s the best option to choose for a drawing room.

Budget talk!

While buying marble tiles you will find different prices in the same color or type. The difference in prices is due to the varying grade or quality of marble or different finishes. For a lower grade marble the price can start from (provide estimates) per square foot while the higher grade marble tile can cost up to (provide estimates) per square foot.

About IRenovate –

We put our brain and brawn into your home projects to help you create your own dream house with top sublime interiors.

Whether you wish to add a false ceiling to your home, or get the right furniture for your home, or redesign your flooring, IRenovate helps you fulfill your wishes.

At iRenovate, we offer a wide variety of professional services to help you renovate your home or office space. We are renovation specialists and our role is to deliver your dream renovation, within your budget.

We produce a well-constructed plan and design for our clients. We provide professional experts, hard-work repair and Building material experts to understand your needs. Our team consists of Architects, builders, designers, maintenance work specialists and Highly Skilled Labor. We also render a free maintenance contract for a limited time after the renovation.

We give our clients high-quality finished products in lowest cost. Our contacts in the field enable us to get skilled workmanship for less price than any home owner would get for a single project which minimizes the cost of renovation at every step.

We provide concept drawings and 3D digital designs for you to comprehend better. We use augmented reality to give you a preview of what your house will look like. Our 3D drawings will help you visualize the end look of the renovation before you even start.

Poor management can make you feel renovation as a never ending project. At iRenovate, we design a perfectly well structured plan to complete your renovation project on time and within your budget.

We at iRenovate help you deliver you the X-factor you need for your dream home. Our in-house team of designers is committed to provide you with the exact design you need.

IRenovate team is dedicated to provide excellence in maintenance with a 6 months’ F.O.C after service contract. Should you experience a problem or need assistance our team is ready to assist, no matter how small the issue is!

So get your floorings done by IRenovate, according to your wish, as we don’t compromise with the quality.

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