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Latest Trends in Pink Wardrobes in India

Latest Trends in Pink Wardrobes in India

Pink is a sweet and delicate colour which expresses a number of emotions: tenderness, romance, femininity, and so on. If you have got a fetish for such things as flower strawberries, hearts, and barbies, you are a sure shot Pink person! And so, a pink wardrobe is something you would definitely want in your pink bedroom, wouldn't you?

  • Pink Bedroom

You need to select your favourite shade of pink for your bedroom walls to be painted in. There is a wide range, from baby and light pink to hot and deep pink. Other shades include cherry blossom, champagne, orchid, and lavender.

  • Wardrobe

What shade of pink would you like your pink wardrobe to be in? Some of the available options are as follows:

  • Pale pink wardrobe
  • Baby pink wardrobe
  • Blush pink wardrobe
  • Hot pink wardrobe
  • Cherry blossom wardrobe
  • Magenta wardrobe

Now that you are done deciding the colour, you have to decide whether you would like to go for a gloss or a matte finish. Based on the finish, you will get the handles with the same finish. To add a tinge of creativity and newness, you can have your handles fixed horizontally, rather than the usual vertical way. Lastly, if you wish to have a pink wardrobe with a mirror, you can get a mirror placed on either side. This makes for the outer portion of your pink wardrobe.

As far as the inner portion of your wardrobe is concerned, it has to be a subtle shade of pink, or something pale in order to contrast with your vibrant pink clothes, You can go for off white as well. If you possess a variety of clothes, and you like hanging your dresses, scarves, and pants using hangers, then a steel rod in the middle portion of your wardrobe is a must. Moreover, the middle area should be preferably the most spacious of all, at least enough for all your clothes to neatly fit in. Two deep drawers below the same will be added in order for you to keep your accessories, socks, other garments, and little bits and pieces such as keys and pins. The topmost shelf will be a relatively smaller one for additional storage. Lastly, at the extreme bottom, two hollow squared portions would be left for you to stuff your bags and books in. Also, if you wish to have it the simpler way, you can have a chest of drawers inserted at the bottom of your cupboard. This completes the inside part.

  • Pink Closet

If your room is big enough to have an entire walk-in closet of its own, then there is nothing sassier than that.  A closet allows for enormous storage of clothes, shoes, bags, hats, accessories, and other miscellaneous things that can find specific spaces to fit in. A pink closet walk-in closet will mainly include the following: a wardrobe, a dressing, shoe shelves, accessory drawer inserts, etc. Moreover, giving it personal detail designs such as decoration, glass shelves, hangers, baskets, etc., will help you personalise it. To focus on the aesthetics of your pink closet, the lighting needs to be bright and exciting, such as use of spotlights. Lighting separate shelves and closed spaces will make it look more appealing. This will also improve the functionality of your closet. You can also give soft, textural details to enhance the beauty of your closet.

  • Furniture set

Matching furniture is an essential requisite for your room to be in synchrony and balance. Pink is a colour that pairs with all the neutrals (given the multiple shades it has), exposing us to a variety of furniture colours and designs to choose from. White beds, couches, sofa covers, chairs and tables, study (whichever of these you wish to have in your room) will surely bring an element of elegance. Also, blush pink or white curtains would be amazing to add softness to your room.

  • Other room accessories

Try and add a pinch of creativity to your rooms by making use of soothing coloured table lamps, curtains, and cushion covers.


We hope you liked our ideas for your wardrobe, and you are able to make good use of various shades of pink to style your room.


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