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Latest Designer Trundle Beds for Your Kids Room

“TRUNDLE BED”, a term which you might not have heard before but actually these are those kind of beds which are trending these days and you will find them in every second house . So let’s make you familiar with this term , by explaining what it actually is . A trundle bed is a low bed on wheels that can easily be moved around from place to place or stored away underneath another taller bed.

With these trundle beds , you don’t have to worry about stocking extra mattresses in your store room , so that when your guests come over , you can take them out . You don’t have to buy an extra bed for the guest room (which usually is unoccupied ) . The trundle bed provides a solution to all these problems . You can take out the lower bunk of the trundle bed and can move it over to the guest room , whenever your guests arrive .

And I think it’s a great solution for parents who have clingy kids , who  generally want to sleep with their parents only . So this trumble bed provides a great solution , as the parents can sleep comfortably , and the kids will be happy at the same time , by letthing them sleep on the lower bunk of the bed .


They’re great for small bedrooms and apartments or when you need to save some space – or even create a versatile guest room . We truly can’t get over the innovation as it truly utilizes the smallest or biggest of rooms while remaining modern and stylish without too much fuss or overwhelming looks.


The obvious advantage of using a trundle bed in your kid’s bedroom is the space-saving option that you have readily available at all times.

These can also be used as a low lying toddler bed, so your little one stays closer to the floor and safe from fall injuries.

 Some bed designs come with a pull out trundle bed underneath which can be fully separated from the main bed and placed anywhere in the room. A well-designed bed with trundle and  drawers will save you a lot of space and is extremely economical .

All our trundle beds are made of different types of wood like sheesham, mango and rubber wood for the main framework and MDF for the base of the drawers and sides of some designs.

The lower bunk of the bed can always be used as a storage option that can simply hide away all the mess and provides for shelf space that is both elegant and compact.

The trundle bed can quickly and effortlessly double up as both a second bed for sleepovers and also as a storage space without any trouble.This idea can solve the problem of extra bedding.  


Here are some trumble bed designs that you can go for ! (insert pictures )

Major advantages – In a nutshell , these are the major advantages of a trumble bed –






Budget talk

You don’t have to pay an  exorbitantly high price to get these . They are easily available in the furniture market and moreover you can customize them according to your wish .


So definitely, a trumble bed is a great option to go for (specially for small homes where there is a space crunch ) .







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