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Some Peppy Innovative Ideas for Home Décor – iRenovate Tips

Some Peppy Innovative Ideas for Home Décor – iRenovate Tips

Innovation is the key to making things better, and to finding solutions to problems. Using innovation and creativity to decorate your house within your budget, and with the available resources is no less than a science. We have some easy, interesting and pocket-friendly ideas for you to decorate your house, and making it a beautiful home to find solace in. From DIY ideas for small homes to creative  designs for spacious rooms and houses, we have it all.

1. Fairy Lights: You can decorate your house with pretty fairy lights. If you have printed pictures of your family, friends, celebrities, or posters of your favourite movies and TV shows, you can paste them on your wall, and string fairy lights around them. Also, if you have a bookshelf, organise your books by colour, and drape them with the same lights. Turn off the lights of your room, and the magic begins!

2.  Marble jars: If you have medium or large-size glass jars or bottles, you can fill them to the brim with colourful marbles and place them at different spots in your kitchen and living room. They are going to add a hint of colour and liveliness to your room.

3. Paint your ladder: Do you have a spare ladder at your place? If yes then, take a bottle of spray paint (or normal paint), of whichever colour you like, and paint your ladder in that. You can use it as a stand for keeping small show pieces on, or for hanging your dangling accessories on. Design it the way you wish to, and place it in your bedroom.

4. Old cooking tools: Use old, wooden spatulas, antique beaters, pans, table mats, etc., to display on your kitchen wall. Make sure they are equidistant, and use symmetry. Rusted plates, no longer in use can be hung along. This way you will have your own kitchen gallery thereby making it a fun place with a rustic look.

5. Picture frames: Take picture frames of different colours and sizes, and put them up on a plain, light shaded wall, without placing any pictures inside them. You can even place one frame inside the other in a concentric manner.

6. Hand painted walls: This idea never grows old. Painting your walls in colours and designs of your choice is always a success. You can even spill paint thereby creating a colour splash on your wall. Moreover, graffiti walls are in vogue and so, if you have ever done a street graffiti, doing one on your house wall should not be a bad idea!

7. Plants: You can always use flower pots, plants, and saplings to please the nature-lover you. You need not necessarily place them on table tops, or in corners. You can use a cart to place little pots in, or even buy plant hangers. Also, using hanging plants or climbers on plain white walls looks gorgeous. This will not just adorn your interiors but, also make you feel happy and fresh.

8. MDF wall panels: These are specially crafted, decorative wall panels for your houses, available in a variety of materials and designs. They can also be used as room dividers, so if you are getting uour house constructed or renovated, making use of MDF panels is a great idea!

9. Stacked hats: If you have a good collection of hats, and are unable to find a place in your cupboards to keep them in, you can decorate a portion of your wall with an assortment of hats.

10. Matching curtains and cushions: If you are getting new curtains or blinds made for your room, and there is extra cloth left, you can use that to get cushion covers made. Using the two in the same room is going to make it look extremely attractive. Also, curtains with scenic view designs are a great way to add aesthetics to your beedroom. 

Based on your budget, you can use any of these ideas to make your homes stylish. Just


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