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How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Bathroom Tiles

It’s very important to keep the bathroom clean. If you're tired of looking at the brown or white scum that has collected in your living spaces, you can use these tips which involve home remedies to clean those dirty stubborn spots.

The marks specially the water marks look all the more dirty and shabby. Since bathroom is one such space where we use water each time we go, getting hard water stains there is a very obvious thing.

Here are some easy tricks to remove hard water stains-

Lemon juice

You can use lemon juice to remove hard water stains from your bathroom tiles. It is another slightly acidic ingredient which has the potential to remove any hard stains including the common hard water stains that occurs in the tiles of the bathroom. You simply have to take lemons and squeeze the juices out of them. Then apply the juices on the hard water stains on your tiles. Leave it for a while and then scrub off.

Baking soda

Since it is one of the readily available ingredients in almost every household, try using baking soda to get rid of the hard water stains from bathroom tiles. If you have baking soda at your home and you want to use it to remove the hard water stains from bathroom tiles, and then make a paste using adequate baking soda and water. After that, smear the mixture on your water stained bathroom tiles. Let it stay for you sometime and then scrub it using brush or sponges. At the end, wash the tiles properly using lukewarm water.

White vinegar

White vinegar cuts through all the mineral deposits and removes the hard water stains from your bathroom tiles in no time. To get the benefits, you have to make a solution with equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Then pour the solution in a spray bottle.

Now, spray the solution on your stained bathroom tiles. Allow it to stay for a while and then scrub it off using a brush or a sponge. However, if you have not cleaned the water stains for long and if it has got too stubborn, then do not forget to mix a little bit of baking soda while cleaning. After you have sprayed the vinegar solution in the tiles, let it stay for a while and then sprinkle some baking soda on it. After that scrub the stains will be off. This combined effect of both these ingredients is all you need to get rid of the too stubborn water stains.


It cuts through the most stubborn stains including the water spots. Salt is also a great disinfectant which can kill the germs inside your bathroom.

Leave it for at least haft an hour and then scrub it off. The longer you allow the salt to stay, the more effective will the results be.


Mix a cup of borax with 1 gallon of water. Then spray the solution on the stained bathroom tiles or wipe it on the marks. After sometimes, scrub the tiles using an old brush or sponge.

Some tips to keep your bathroom tiles always looking new

1) Make a routine to clean bathroom tiles frequently. Moreover, the marks on the tiles specially the water stains look extremely untidy and dull. So, try to thoroughly clean it properly at least once weekly so that you can get rid of the dirt as well as the stains. Hard water stains if kept for long makes cleaning them increasingly difficult but when they are fresh, it does not take give much of a headache to clean them.

2) Try to avoid using harmful chemicals to get rid of the hard water stains from bathroom tiles. This may seem an easy option for many but such harsh products can damage the sealant of your tiles.

3) Lastly, just try to keep your bathroom air fresh and airy so that even if there is any water, the tiles will dry up very fast. So, make sure there is proper ventilation done there. Also, try to fix an exhaust to keep the air dry most of the time.


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