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How to Clean Sunmica Surface: Tips and Tricks

Sunmica is a type of laminate extremely popular nowadays, especially in India. The reason behind its increased used in almost every house is the ease and convenience as far as its cleaning is concerned. However, that does not mean that you will pay no attention to it. Using simple techniques without wasting any of your time will enhance the look of your furniture and help it sustain for longer than usual.


How to Clean Mica Sheet

Almost every furniture item around you, whether your study table, your cupboard or your computer stand, is either entirely made of mica or has a mica sheet affixed on top of it. Cleaning the sheet is not a big task. All you need is a soap solution and a piece of cloth, or a sponge. Soak them in the solution and wipe the surfaces with it. Then use a dry cloth to wipe away the leftover froth, and you are done.


How to Clean Mica Furniture

Similar to the method employed for cleaning mica sheets, mica furniture can be easily maintained, too. You might not even clean it all on a daily basis; doing it 2-3 times a week would suffice.


How to Clean Matte Sunmica

Sunmica surfaces with a matte finish add a modern touch and elegance to your furniture. In order to clean them, you just have to make sure that you dust them invariably every day, and use the solution or any chemical cleaner (that are easily available in the market) to ensure thorough dirt removal.


How to Polish Sunmica Furniture

As mentioned above, cleaning sunmica is simple and trouble-free. Polishing the surface in such a manner that it looks new and shines like it does when it is freshly manufactured is also easy and breezy. You just have to buy liquid polishers from the market, which are readily available at cheap prices, and use them on a regular basis (twice or thrice a week). Do not use too much of them, it may start damaging the surface. Also, if you wish to avoid using chemicals, then you can prepare a something at home, too. Use olive oil and vinegar in the ratio 4:1 and spray it onto the surface. Then clean it using a cloth and your work is done.

If you devote even a percent of your day cleaning the furniture, it’s surely going to extend beyond its life, and remain classy and fresh until the end of its time. This will not just give you personal satisfaction, it will surprise your friends and relatives every time they visit your house just to find how new everything looks!



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