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factory vs carpenter made

Apart  from your bedrooms and living room , your kitchen should also look good.For this very reason ,more and more  families are opting for it over carpenter made kitchens.Until a few years ago, most Indian home owners would either hire a local carpenter ,but the modular kitchen concept is gaining popularity these days .The question that arises is that whether you should  take the traditional route and get a carpenter to build you a kitchen or get a designer-approved fully-functional modular kitchen? Modular Kitchens are built with ready made cabinets,shutters,panels and other parts which are assembled together to form a single kitchen unit. The cabinets are constructed in a factory and shipped to the customer’s home and installed by the kitchen expert. Wall hangings, rotating tall units, lift-up flaps, soft-closing drawers -these things are basically the ones which a carpenter won’t be able to create for you .

When it comes to refurnishing the kitchen, we might get confused with the different options available in the market. Whether to go with the traditional way of getting a carpenter or to go with the factory made kitchen.

To make this choice easy we give you the unbiased preview of both the sides.




  1. Modular Kitchens are machine made and beautifully carved.
  2. Easy to assemble.
  3. Designed to your specifications and ready to install at your place.
  4. Factory or machine-made shutters of modular kitchens are evenly pressed, perfectly finished, and has no open edges. This ensures that no bacteria or pests enter the cabinets, and you have a clean hygienic kitchen.


  1. The finish might fade with time
  2. Expensive option
  3. Low quality wood might have been used .




  1. A lot of modular kitchens use cheap stuff like MDF, “Engineered” wood, etc. This is NOT wood. Higher grades of wood in modular kitchens, but those can be very With a carpenter made kitchen, you can even buy the wood on your own!
  2. Carpenters are locally available and more easy to approach
  3. It is easier to play around with the budget because these carpenters are comparatively more flexible with pricing
  4. It’s difficult to find a replacement handle or plank,with new designs coming out every year, the old designs are discarded,in case of modular kitchen . But the case is not so in carpenter made kitchens .



  1. Limited number of design options.
  2. Carpenters are not that familiar with most contemporary designs.
  3. There is no guarantee for replacement or regular service.

Modular kitchens are way better that carpenter made kitchens as far as quality, completions  and finishing is concerned . At the same time, carpenter made kitchens are a good decision ,when you can manage the  carpenters and don’t want to spend much on this . A bad carpenter can make a mess of your kitchen but so can a bad modular kitchen. So make your choices wisely ! Good luck !



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factory vs carpenter made

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