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Ergonomics in Kitchen and Seating.

In technical terms, Anthropometry refers to the measurement of the human individual. It is used for identification and understanding of  physical variations in humans through measurement of their physical properties like dimensions and shapes. Today, Anthropometry has become an important element of architecture and interior design.

All you need to know about ergonomics in kitchen

Ergonomics In Kitchen Methodology

Basic knowledge and understanding of Anthropometry is essential for creating a living space that is comfortable to live and work in. It needs to be made sure that the dimensions of the house and furniture are in proportion to the dimensions of the average human body and are in sync with the correct postures so that the body movement is not hindered. Ergonomics professionals apply an understanding of human factors to the design of homes, furniture and equipment keeping in mind the comfort and safety. Home ergonomics is an important factor of the architecture that helps in designing the home from the view of comfort of the body.

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Ergonomic seating

The importance of correct posture for proper respiration and digestion is well known. Thus, it needs to be made sure that the seating arrangement at home helps in maintaining the posture and taking the extra pressure off the body. While sitting, you place an enormous pressure on your and having a back rest relieves some of the weight and burden on your back, hips and neck.

Best ergonomics seating arrangements

Ergonomics Seating Arrangements

While designing/buying a sofa, the sofa should not be to be too low and not cause your knees to bend less than 90 degrees. Otherwise, you’ll subconsciously stretch out your legs to maintain that 90 degree angle of your knees.

If your sofa is too soft, it will make you sink in. This causes too much pressure on your hips, which is totally not advised especially for elderly people who have fragile hip joints. If the sofa happens to be too hard, it will be far from comfortable and will cause unnecessary pressure and discomfort to the back.

Kitchen Ergonomics

An ergonomically designed kitchen should be well organized in a way to increase the efficiency and reduce the time required. The “kitchen work triangle” should be considered while designing the layout for a kitchen (Refer the article on the kitchen work triangle). It aims at making the three working areas of the kitchen easily accessible by keeping them at most efficient distance apart.

Best system in ergonmics in kitchen

Ergonomics in kitchen measurements and system

Lighting too plays an important part in the kitchen and adequate lighting becomes a requirement while working in the kitchen. Important areas of lighting are ones under the kitchen cabinets where you prepare your food and when you are cooking. While using a knife, you’ll need sufficient light all around, because in lack of adequate lighting you might end up in a hazardous situation. When you are cooking you need light above the stove. Adequate lighting reduces the risk of accidents that might happen while working in the kitchen.

An ergonomically designed home happens to be a more comforting and relaxing space and reduces the risks that might be associated with working in areas like kitchen.


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