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Do it the right way - Part 3 - iRenovate

We started a weekly series to educate our reader about the common pitfalls in the way of a perfect renovation experience. Here we publish the third part of the series.

  1. Wall Hung vs Floor Mounted design
    The English toilet has mainly two commode designs . One is the Wall hung design and the other is the Floor mounted design. Wall hung toilets occupy lesser space than the floor mounted toilets and also facilitate easier cleaning of the toilet floor.

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  2. The menace of uneven tiles
    Tiles can work magic to the design of your house. There are however, certain precautions to be observed with tiles as any mistake can distort the look of your interiors. It has been observed that tiles, even from branded companies, can have uneven sides. Such tiles do not fit properly into the pattern and therefore you must ask your contractor to apply 2-3 rows of tiles and observe them for any irregularities before proceeding any further. Any rough edges must be carefully checked for. Tiles can have uneven corners and need to be checked under proper lighting before all the tiles are applied.

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  3. Wall Tiles for the Indian kitchen
    It is always considered prudent to apply wall tiles in the Indian kitchen. Indian food is generally cooked in oil and lot of spices and as such leads to accumulation of oil and dirt on the wall just above the Gas stove. Applying wall paint may not be a good idea in the Indian kitchen as dark patches may develop very fast on paint. Tiles can be easily cleaned on daily basis and therefore should be our first choice for the kitchen.
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  4. Parallel kitchen vs the L-shaped kitchen
    Parallel kitchen platforms utilize the space in the best possible fashion as in an L shaped platform, the corner area is never fully utilized. Moreover, parallel platforms have a strong aesthetic appeal to them. Therefore, parallel platforms should be your first choice if space permits.
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