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Bedroom designs: Customize them with iRenovate

Taking up the renovation task is like belling the cat . There are so many things that needs to be taken care of , from the material to the interior designs . So instead of bearing the brunt yourself , it is better to pass the buck to an interior designer . Interior designers know the alpha and omega of interior designing and renovation . And there is a very common perception amongst people that you have to pay through your nose to get renovation done through an interior designer . Irenovate provides you with services that are in your budget for your bedroom designs.

 When it comes to bedrooms ,it is that part of your home , where you can sit and relax . The most enthralling, mesmerising, and relaxing place in a house is  a bedroom. Its the most comfortable space of your house .It is a  place where you  can crib and fight with your family or friends. Bedroom designs should consider that it is a place privately designed for the purpose of relaxing and sleeping and doing all the private chores. Hence , one must ensure that your bedroom has soothing interiors , that do not seem to be coming out of a bandbox and has quite simple  and nice  interiors , suiting your taste .

 Bedroom may be as fancy as a royal and as simple as a mediocre.Bedrooms are generally the ones on which the most money is spent when we talk of interior decorations. But getting a decent and stylish bedroom is not all about money; it is the creativity of the designer which should focus on getting the room decorated with the least number of things  As the bedroom is considered important, it also characterises the status of the person and its social background.Different types of bedrooms have been classified –

  •   Master bedroom
  • Children bedroom
  • Guest room
  • Girls bedroom
  • Boys bedroom
  • Contemporary bedroom
  • Antique bedroom
  • Modern bedroom
  • Multipurpose bedroom
  • Dorm type bedroom .

Have a look at these types in brief –

  • Master bedroom

It is the largest bedroom of all the respective number of bedrooms in a house.master bedroom

  • Children Bedroom

Small kids have different kind of taste and love bright colours and like to have paints and posters on their room’s walls.A lot of experiments can be done with a kid’s room . A kid’s room interiors has to be bright and filled in with colours . One can add a double bed that kids are quite fond of . Wallpapers of their favourite cartoon characters can be added .  When it comes to lighting , there is a myriad of varieties available .  A book corner can be added , filled in with your child’s favourite story books and fairytales .childrens bedroom

  •  Guest Bedroom

    It becomes difficult to lend your own personal room to your guests . So if you have enough space , then one must go for a guest room too .The guest room doesn’t have to be filled in with lot of things . Just keep it basic with all the neccessities that are required in a room .

    guest room

    Guest room

    Just make sure , the interiors of the guest room also  are coordinated with those of the other rooms and the entire house . Guest bedrooms should have an empty closet with hangers and dressers where the guests can unpack and keep their personal items while visiting. It should also have adequate lighting, a comfortable chair and a reading lamp.

  • Girls bedroom-

    Now the most common thing that comes to the mind , when  we talk of a Girls bedroom is that it has to be painted pink . But there is nothing like that . There are many other things that can be added .  Decor of a Girls bedroom vary from others.girls bedroom

  • Boys bedroom-

    A bedroom for boy’s can be designed according to the preferences of the boy. For instance, a boy might like sports, or modern technology, or a compact small bedroom.boys bedroom

  • Contemporary Bedroom-

    A bedroom having all the basic requirements and besides that, more to accessorise its interiors and beauty, is a contemporary design.Contemporary, however, refers to decor that is much more current. Even designs that were contemporary in the 2000s may no longer be considered contemporary but rather vintage. In five or ten years from now, contemporary design will likely to  have a different look and feel than contemporary design today.  Some people go for metal-framed beds, wardrobes with mirrors, and quirky artwork to create that modern atmosphere. Using wide doors and windows will allow plenty of natural light into the room also.

    A contemporary style home can be a quiet and comfortable retreat.To achieve the look of a contemporary bedroom , it’s important to stick to some basic rules.Fundamentally, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines help to define contemporary style decorating. Interiors showcase space rather than things. By focusing on color, space, and shape, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh.contemporary bedroom

Keep in Mind

  • Use furniture and accessories to make a bold statement in contemporary style interior. Use a basic background and shout out with your favorite color on a piece that will stand out.
  • Less is more! In a contemporary style interior, don’t use ruffles, excessive carved details, fringe, or floral prints. Abolish cute and small. Go basic, bare, bold, and structural.
  • Floors in a contemporary style home should be bare and smooth in wood, tile, or vinyl. If you must use carpet for sound control or warmth, choose commercial grades. Add color and texture with plain or geometric-patterned area rugs.
  • Contemporary style sculptures or art on a stand can be placed at eye level by using a structural column or pedestal. Again, be sure the piece is well-lighted.
  • Don’t clutter the contemporary style rooms with collections or too many pieces. Open space is just as, if not more, important as the pieces you put in the space.
  • Antique Bedroom designs-

    Antique is what we derive from the past. The design of bedroom that has features of the past is called an antique bedroom style.Mixing old with new is definitely something we practice, sometimes, even unconsciously.   The stylish essence of past eras is enchanting. The thoughtful designs are intricate with detail and integrity. The rich wooden finishes and embellished patterns are all features of antique rooms . Each piece seems to integrate a noble sense of dignified touches into their structure. Solid craftsmanship and valiant styles represents  a sincere design.antique room The key to holding an antique style is the articulated accents .One good tip is to adorn an antique dressing table with plenty of small but elegant ornaments. You can hang old tapestries, framed portraits of vintage paintings, or groups of plates as a way to decorate the walls also.

  • Modern Bedroom designs-

    All the modern facilities in a bedroom make it more comfortable and accessible.A modern bedroom is characterised by neutral tones of grey, white and black, all serving as simple, base colours. Walls act as a backdrop to abstract patterns and geometric prints. Lines on furniture pieces are clean, incorporating steel bed frames and side tables. Feature walls are covered in straight striped wallpaper designs, while little splashes of vibrant colours here and there inject visual interest. Accessories are minimal when it comes to modern designs.modern bedroom

  • Multipurpose Bedroom designs-

    A room can be used for many purposes. Same is the case with bedroom. A bedroom can be combined with study and sometimes a dress area or a storage unit.multipurpose bedroom

  • Dorm Type Bedroom designs-

    Bunk beds and a closet make it look like a dorm room. Sometimes in case of lesser area and more people, a dorm type bedroom makes it look more spacious.Dorm type bedrooms are basically there in a PG or a hostel .dorm room

  •  Studio Bedroom designs-

    Studio bedroom is basically a bedroom with a combination of living and a kitchen area. A studio bedroom has just a separate toilet in some cases. Rest everything is combined with the bedroom. A studio apartment is basically a self contained unit and houses everything in the single room space except the bathroom. It is a typically a large room, with different areas of the room employed for varied uses. For instance, a corner of the room may be designed as a living area, a corner may be designed as a kitchen, and the space in between may be designed as the living room. In addition, the areas are generally with the use of partial walls or apartment

  • Traditional designs-

    This is a style which depends upon symmetrical arrangements and classic furniture pieces. In this sense, you can pick up some great deals on conventional beds, drawers and wardrobes and combine them with classic wallpapers and paintings. In terms of colour, think simple or use natural woods or stone to create a homely, traditional feel.traditional

  • Cottage designs-

Cottage-styled homes invoke a sense of cosiness and warmth whilst also giving off that traditional, British countryside feel. The bed can become the centrepiece of the room, with velvet duvets, silk-lined pillows and vintage blankets placed on top. Flowery patterns can create a welcoming atmosphere as well. With cottage bedrooms, you can also mix old and new styles together when shopping for furniture and ornaments.cottage bedrooms

The bedroom styling is best when kept to minimalism. Minimalistic designs not only add a spark of uniqueness to the room but also tend to preserve that natural bedroom related feeling.

Irenovate helps you design/redesign your bedroom according to your taste and choices .For further queries visit –


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