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Desi yet trendy designs

Get ready to add some desi tadka to your modern interiors . The classy blend of  desi and trendy adds a cool vibe to your place .

 In general, clean and simple contemporary or modern furnishings are a good tool for bringing a sense of modern life to a traditional home without the two styles feeling like they’re fighting each other. Look for rich textures, clean lines and soft colors without going radically modern or feeling tied to stuffy traditional trappings.

This fusion of formal and relaxed styles creates a sophisticated yet welcome feel that compliments the architecture of the family home beautifully.

Here are some ways by which you can create a mix of modern and desi interiors -

Add pieces that look as if they were weathered outdoors.-

Use pieces and accents that feel inspired by the garden, such as wood with a patina, woven baskets, linen and even vintage house numbers. The soft, rustic vibe naturally suits a well-worn home.

  • Lighting-

Brighten up your Indian modern home with those traditional Indian chandeliers that look absolutely classy .


  • Break unusual room layouts into zones-

 Old homes built on quirky lots often have some unusual room layouts, and can have long, narrow spaces that seem hard to work with. Break a rectangle into multiple square zones for better functionality, using area rugs to define zones visually and open-sided furniture like benches to bridge multiple adjoining seating areas.

  • Royal Backdrop-

 Indian motifs add a luxurious backdrop to any setting.The pop art versions of the Indian motifs or even Indian themes in items such as cushions and coasters,provide a younger, more trendy and fun touch to any room.Interestingly, the ethnic textile furnishings of India are immensely popular. The raw earthy feel of traditional Indian designs which predominantly include paisley leaves, flowers and creepers design, geometrical shapes render a soothing artistic effect to the entire interior setting.

  • Antiques

Antique pieces can help add the vintage look to your modern house . Antique looking clocks are a big hit.

  • Furniture

Again furniture with antique and rusty finishes add an imperial and Victorian look .Be it the maharaja sofas,bed ,cabinets –any furniture can be given the antediluvian look .

  • Rugs

You can add traditional rugs to give an antique look.

  • Working out the contrast-

One should take a classic base solid colour for the backdrop and place on them bright and contrasting coloured accessories.

  • Effective colour coordination-

While selecting and matching up Indian elements one must ensure that the colour co-ordination is such that it looks symmetric and soothing to the eyes.

So you can use the above tips to create that perfect blend for your home . Just take care that things don’t appear isolated from the original things . Mix and match things . Good luck !


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