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Corian or granite : What’s best for your modular kitchen

With time, houses and apartments are becoming smaller, and a scarcity of space for kitchens is no longer a rarity. Today’ challenges related to space constraints make effective interior design more important than ever.  This is where modular kitchens come in as saviors: they help you utilize your space to the maximum.

Create your own modular kitchen !

Create your own modular kitchen !

Generally used materials for modular and semi modular kitchens-

Marble, Granite and Corian

Corian :

Corian is a  solid surface.   Its is not a stone. It is composed of  Acrylic polymer and Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), which is fiber like material.

Appearance –

Granite is popular among those who prefer an upscale, timeless appearance. The fact that each granite slab comes with a unique pattern that can’t be replicated only adds to it’s appeal.

With  different colour options, along with the matt finish and the seamless appearance of Corian is more suitable for the modern kitchen. This makes it a flexible countertop option for different decorating themes. Corian has the advantage of being moldable and can be used in place of stainless steel kitchen sinks, creating a final look where the countertop and sink blend seamlessly.

Cost of these materials –

  •  Corian is most expensive material
  • then Granite
  • Marble is the cheapest amongst the three.

The price of Corian sheets can range from Rs 6,00 to 1500 per sq ft, which is nearly five times more than average granite prices. Corian can get more expensive depending on the it’s texture, especially if the particular sample replicates marble or granite.Granite is found in abundance in India whereas Corian is manufactured in the US, making it the more exotic option in our country.

The benefits of each of them.


  • It is best for rough use as it is naturally hard and strong and that’s why it is more durable.
  • It  offers scratch resistance and high level of heat resistance.
  • Damaged granite can often be repaired to minimize the appearance of scratches or damageGranite countertop for your kitchen !

Corian :

  •  Corean develops scratches easily.
  • Hot objects or the Hot Pots will melt the finish easily. But these days you do get heat proof/ heat resistant Corean tiles.
  • Corean looks very beautiful wherever used bit it is very expensive.
  • Re-polishing is the only solution if Corean stone/tile is chipped or develops scratches.


    Corean countertops for your kitchen !

Brand Names

Corian was the original solid surface brand name. Developed by DuPont in 1967, other companies began producing solid surface when DuPont’s patent expired. Though still a premium brand, others such as Avonite, Staron, and Mystera are considered to be top brands.



Granite needs occasional sealing.Granite can crack more easily than Corian.

Corian develops any minor scratches or dents, you can buff them right out.Corian needs no sealing.

Granite is a hard rock and therefore resilient in the face of knife scratches, hot spills and even temperatures up to 649 Celsius, which is as hot as a bursting firecracker. It doesn’t dent easily if heavy objects are dropped on it but after a certain limit it can crack.

Corian is designed to be sturdy and withstand the harsh treatment . It’s non-porous nature makes it waterproof. Unlike granite it can acquire scorch marks, dents and scratches with repeated use or abuse, but such damages can be rectified with a liquid adhesive and polish.

Ease of Installation

Both granite and Corian require expert installers. However, Corian is lighter to carry.Corian can be with an ordinary circular saw.

It’s easy to obtain a seamless Corian countertop by sanding and polishing it to make the seams look almost invisible. Granite countertops do come with light seams but a professional can minimize it to a large extent. Regular cleaning with light detergent is enough to keep granite clean. Corian too requires regular cleaning to prevent buildup on the surface. Though it’s heat resistant, it’s not advisable to place hot objects vessels directly on Corian surfaces.


Corian is manufactured as a non porous material, therefore it does not require a sealant (protective coat sprayed onto surfaces), unlike naturally porous granite. Therefore the former discourages the growth of mold and mildew.

You can use either of them (corian or granite ) for your modular kitchen, keeping the above factors in mind ! Good luck!


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