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Bunker Beds in India – Doorway to Most Comfortable Sleep

Bunker Beds in India – Doorway to Most Comfortable Sleep

Children are fond of jumping around like monkeys, bouncing and leaping like little frogs, and climbing stairs up and down.  A bunker bed offers them with all such kinds of pleasurable activities. Bunker beds are an excellent way of adding a fun element to your kids' bedrooms. A bunker bed is one where a bed frame is stacked on top of another, with a ladder or a mini staircase connecting the two. They are essentially used to increase the floor space of the room as they take less space than a regular double sized bed, and to give the room an unusual as well as adventurous appearance.

Bunker beds are primarily available in two materials: wood and metal. Also, the design of bunk beds as well as their concept is not restricted to children, even adults can make their rooms appealing and exciting by having a bunk bed placed.


The most commonly used bunk bed is the standard bunk bed with two same size beds at different heights. A twin over full bunk bed is one where the bottom mattress is a full size one and the top one is its half. A full over full bunk bed is pretty much the same as the standard, just the mattress size of both the beds is full. Also, we have an L-shape bunk bed in which the bottom bed is at a right angle to the top bed thereby giving the bed the shape of an L. This also creates a small space for having a stand, a chest of drawers, or a bookshelf. A loft bed refers to a bunk bed with only the top bunk, making an open space underneath for creating anything you wish to. Lastly, there is the triple loft bed with a top bunk and two beds at the bottom.

  • Twin over full                                          
  • L-shaped
  • Three loft bed

Price in India

Bunk beds in India are available at a number of prices from under Rs. 10,000 to over a lakh. If you wish to buy a bunk bed which saves both space and money, then you can go for cheaper ones, like metal loft beds, which aren't too high, and are suitable for small children. If your room has space enough to have an elaborate bed with in-built designs and shelves, and are ready to expend a handsome amount of money, then you should go with the high-priced ones.

Wooden Bunk Beds

Bunker beds made from sturdy wooden material, keeping in mind the safety of your children, are great way to make their lives comfortable and joyful. Wooden bunk beds are the most popular among all, and they can be painted in various colours to add vibrancy to the rooms. These beds help us utilise space to the full extent. Also, plain ones are a good way to add to the wooden furniture present in your stylish bedroom.


Metal Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are not just available in solid wood. Metal bunk beds, such as those made of stainless steel, are also an amazing option to explore, considering they are a simple, lightweight and pocket-friendly choice. They too can come in a range of colours that you would like to pick, and have a number of rungs and rails attached.


Bunker Beds for Kids

We know how important it is for children to develop and learn from their surroundings. Bunker beds give them the opportunity to experience thrill and marvel at the magical world created by the interiors of their rooms. Bunker beds can be used by your kids in different ways: a land of its own, or a beach house. The idea of a bunk beds isn't limited to the standard one, they have changed and evolved over the years, and so are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. You can choose any based on your personal choices as well as what suits your child's needs and satisfy their sense of wonder.

Bunker Beds for Adults

It would, however, be erroneous to say that bunk beds can be only be used in bedrooms of kids. Adults with a child-like heart, always craving thrill and fantasy, wouldn't ever say no to the idea of having a bunk bed in their rooms. Bunker beds with a mature design and synchrony are perfect for the young and the old alike. And so, a wide variety of stylish bunker beds are available for adults, too.



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