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Dog kennel creation for your petty dogs! - iRenovate

Dogs have always held a special place in the hearts of their human companions.Dogs provide companionship and company. Dogs can decrease levels of loneliness and give humans a sense of purpose as they care for their animal companions.  Playing with a dog, exercising, walking or running can help human beings reduce stress levels and increase their health and well-being, hence creating Dog kennel makes them feel good too.

Dogs are our best companions !

Dogs are our best companions !

A dog’s home is his castle, so there are some guidelines to consider when designing a dog kennel-

What you will actually need to know is:

  • Size of your dog
  • Type of breed
  • Weight (this helps you figure out what the fence needs to be made out of)


This is the very first step towards getting the perfect kennel . Each location has  its own pros and cons . You have to decide the location , keeping in mind the pros and cons .



Every Dog must have his day!

Keeping the kennel clean is also a tedious task . Make sure a  water source is easily available near the kennel so that cleaning up is easy .


Kennel run floors should be designed with enough slope so water will run off to avoid standing puddles.Concrete is the most common material for the floor on dog kennels. There are more options like steel and wood, but concrete, though more costly and difficult to install, is tougher and more long lasting.

Concrete floor is ideal !


With doors at the far end of the kennel run, dogs have to stand in and walk through pee and poop when exiting and entering the run, scattering feces all over.So door should be positioned   on the side instead at the end of the kennel run.


Chain-link fencing is easy to find, easy to install and easy to maintain.fencing for kennel

Welded wire which is very much  resistant to dog urine and dog teeth ,makes it a good option .


Good kennel designs are

  • Less stressful for dogs and so quieter, safer & built for their welfare needs.
  • Easy to  clean
  • Long lasting




Proper size

Make sure that it is the proper size for your dog, there are no splinters sticking out, it is properly insulated and that it will protect the dog from the elements.


You have 2 choices here, you can either go for wooden panels which offer a lot more protection but are generally harder to install, or for textile covers that are a lot easier to install but don’t offer much protection in the long run.


Small additions-

You can add more things .

You can add small ramps later on, and even clear the grass off of a small area from inside the dog pen, make sure it is within the area that is covered by the roof preferably right next to the entrance to the dog house, and lay down something along the lines of fine gravel or even rubber – something that the dog can sit and lounge on in peace while enjoying the breeze and the light.

Use these tips to get the perfect kennel for your buddy !


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