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Kitchen decor to upgrade your rented kitchen! - iRenovate

Rented kitchen areas normally come with boring and dull decor and since its a rented space , you cannot completely change the look of the kitchen but you can surely upgrade them according to your wish.Living in a space you don’t feel reflects your style can be a little disheartening, especially when that space is where you dream up tasty recipes and create delicious meals. Don’t worry ! Use the following ideas to add some vim and vigor to your kitchen decor !

That dull look you’ll be able to curb, with some plants,  pots and herbs !!

Adding some  plants to your kitchen creates the illusion of a luxurious, well-kept space. Try placing a long-leafed houseplant in an open corner. Adding some green, leafy life will perk up your kitchen.

Plants in kitchen

Fix that window !

You can actually add an elegant look to your own house, by framing your windows, big and small, with sophisticated curtains. Choose a curtain color that stands out against your countertops and wall color.

Get the right rug for your kitchen decor –

If you’re not too fond of your plain floor, add a rug to distract the eye.  A bold rug is the perfect way to accentuate a color palette in your kitchen which enhances your kitchen decor. Buying a carpet or runner can make for an easy fix. Just be sure to find something dark that won’t show dirt or stains.  Get rugs that can be easily vacuumed or washed  Oriental rugs are  truly chic and practical option that can easily hide spills and stains if they happen.


Frame fame –

Create some sophistication, with a thick black frame, or even a fancy ornate one.


Charming countertop –

Most rental kitchens have laminate countertops. They’re ugly, synthetic, and prone to scratches and stains.  Cover them with countertop vinyl or consider buying extra-large cutting boards in marble or wood and keeping them out on display. There are hundreds of colors and styles available .

It’s lit !

Invest in some good lights .LEDs are not only easy to install, but can also be found in just about any shape, size, or price range. While fluorescent light is easy to work under, it also makes every imperfection of your kitchen glaringly noticeable. Change these bulbs for those within the soft and bright white range.

Removable wallpaper for your cabinet –

If you feel uneasy about stripping your cabinets of their doors , then consider decorating the doors with wallpaper. Use removable wallpaper  or pinned pieces of cloth to create a color-blocking effect, or completely cover them in a funky pattern.Use contact paper or vinyl to create designs and patterns on your tired cabinets or make them look like a whole new different solid color with a larger piece of contact paper. Just make sure you’ll be able to remove whatever product you use without damaging the cabinet material.

Paint is the last resort –

Most landlords have no problem with tenants painting. Paint just one or two of your kitchen walls to create a new focal point, and use a color that complements your cabinetry in this way you will be able to create so called your “dream kitchen” and make your kitchen decor attractive.

Flash the backsplash-

If you have an unattractive tile backsplash that can’t be painted, use tile stickers to give them an updated look this is another perfect way to handsome your kitchen decor.

Hanging racks –

Hanging racks are inexpensive and easy to install and they can be painted to match the rest of your decor if desired. Peg boards are also a clever idea that’s trending .Add those magnetic wall-mounted knife blocks and hanging pot holders. Or use organization tools to make your cabinet storage smarter.

Now dump that dull look with these simple tips . Best of luck !


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