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Working from home gives you the option of looking after your home and family and at the same time, not compromising on your  professional goals and career. Having a home office gives an individual the freedom to operate a business within their own home. The office should always reflect the character and style of a person. It should also be fully functional. Transforming a nook in your home into a home office is both challenging and rewarding.

The first and foremost thing to take care of is the furniture of your office. There might be those who might just use the dining table to work on or just sit on the sofa with their laptop and choose to type away, but in the long run, these options will do only harm and cut work from home.Even if a person is working from home, there is a need to adhere to deadlines and hence a good level of professionalism is required to be able to work from home.

Use environment friendly furniture –

Furnishings are  important to a sustainable office. Office furnishings can release toxins and ruin indoor air quality. We spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors and much of that time is spent at the office.Choose a desk made of sustainable materials like bamboo .Choose furniture that doesn’t give off Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde  and benzene. Certain indoor plants not only liven up your office but absorb poisonous toxins from the air. Gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, spider plants and golden pothos are believed to be the most effective at toxin absorption.
Responsibly produced office furniture  affords cleaner air.This  increases efficiency and productivity.

Have a seat  –

Get a beautiful, ergonomically-correct, comfortable seat .

The most important unit in a home office is the chair. The design of the desk can be compromised upon, but the quality of the chair should never be neglected.

If the chair is not comfortable, then it can give rise to many health problems including back pain, neck pain and lower back pain.

Ergonomic chairs  are scientifically made to give comfort to back and body.Such chairs help keep the back in the desirable position and that is straight and it also supports the lower back. Sitting on ergonomic chairs also ensure that your feet and arms are in right position.

After all, it is only in a healthy body that a healthy mind can function and only with a healthy body and mind that you can give best inputs.


Desk –

A desk is the most essential part of any office furniture and it is more important in a home office. The size of the desk depends on what are the things that you need to keep handy. If there is a need for reference materials, stationaries, files, books, notepads, etc., then the desk has to be enough spacious to accommodate such things.If the layout is being set up in a corner, then it best to have a L-shaped table customized according to the space. This will ensure enough space to keep things and also provide the required working space to keep the computer or books, or whatever is required to work on.Such a desk can even have storage units underneath it so that there is enough space to keep files, books and other materials.

Shelves –

If there are wall shelves above the desk or near the work space, it will be of great use since it can help store needed materials that are required for work. Shelves can either be concealed or open. The size of the shelves can depend on the user’s requirements.

A small cabinet –

It is definitely an essential item to keep all your files , documents , etc.

Extra furniture-

One can place a bean bag or a small sofa within the home office so that this place can be used for some relaxation in between work.

Choose the right colour for your furniture –

Black colored furniture can  conceal dirt and dust to some extent and adds a formal touch to your home office .You can also go for bright colors since bright colors can brighten up mind and enhance creativity. You can also consider monochrome or light colors.

 Sit/Stand Desk-

We can’t all tolerate a work day on our feet.  A desk that converts between both will be a great choice . When you want to sit, you push a couple of buttons to lower the desk. When you want to stand, you do the same to raise it. The desk has a mechanical motor that handles the adjustments for you.
You just need to add height to your desk to allow you to stand and work .


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