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The Piano Man Review - iRenovate

Are you a lover of new music and art? Are you an appreciator of guitar strings? Are you looking for a place you can let the music chatter in your ears and walls relax your eyes? If so, The Piano Man in Safdarganj Enclave is the precise point on map that you should head for. The small cozy place ensures a happy time with your friends.



The bands that perform there are rising performers; for them The Piano Man is a nice platform to show one’s talent quotient. The interior of the place is one highly depended on lights that gives the place an aura likely to feel like a memory. The whole place has an aesthetic of wood work, lightning and mirrors. Just imagine standing in between among all this with live refreshing music in the background. It must be a breathtaking feeling.


The place looks a great place to just chill out; either you are alone or you are with company. The aura that the place holds, is soothing; the best effect comes from the unique design of the huge chandelier. The chandelier has trumpets in three concentric circles with bulbs hung from the mouth of each trumpet. The chandelier is quite a quirky idea of achieving a unique and different style of interiors. The chandelier itself lights up the whole place in a flash. One could even say; it is the halo lingering above the piano man.


The jazz theme is definitely not lost, in fact the whole place was founded on the jazz theme and had the interior according alike any jazz club. The bricked walls and the wood decor gives away the down town club feels. The stool seats on the terrace look down upon the group of people that band together to play a thrilling jazz music in the air. The trumpets, the piano, the flute, the saxophone and many many other instruments are gathered to sync on a tune that would bring back the age of the jazz. The whole place is all about its music and interior; either of them coordinate sufficient enough to give the place jazz-like aura. We have found out that they have done exceptional job while deciding their interior designer theme for the place.



In the end, The Piano Man is definitely a place to chill and hangout with good music and good food, with excellent service on hand. One sure would enjoy the place irrespective of their taste, it is a lively place with lively environment. Hope you enjoy the next time you visit and enjoy the place.


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