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Living room design: The way it should be! - iRenovate

A living room ;that’s the most important corner in your home, a place where your guests are welcomed . Since it’s the most important space , it needs to be adorned wisely . Get the perfect living room design , using these tips –

Chandelier: The focal point of your living room design !

Chandeliers are the most important part of the lighting . You must choose a nice chandelier according to the other interiors. It can be a modern small one , or the traditional big ones like those in a palace.

Classy Chandeliers


Rugs !

Rugs can also add to the look  of your living room .


Rugs can change the look .

Focal Point!

The focal point can be an architectural detail, fireplace, big screen TV , or a work of art. Rugs add visual definition to a space and can be an accent as well.

Darker and lighter  !

In general, the floors should be a little darker than the walls. This grounds the room design and provides a pleasing balance to the space.


Don’t place mirrors in your living room !

It’s very distracting and makes everyone uncomfortable – except for a select few .

Plants can be a good idea !

Plants are never a bad idea . You can use them in any room to add a refreshing look .

Indoor jasmine plant

Give me some space !

Provide enough empty space between furnishings to make walking paths free of obstacles.

Try to keep it clutter free !

Don’t overdoo things . Try to keep things simple as much as possible .

Cutlery is important !

Cutlery is also important . It must match with all other interiors . These are the small details you need to take care of .


Cutlery is important

Antique showpieces are antique now !

Antiques are no longer in vogue . So its better not to use them for your living room .

Use these tips to get a perfect living room . Good luck !


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