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Moroccan architecture adds an imperial look to your interior designs and looks absolutely classy. Moroccan interior designs express the country’s diverse history through detail, texture and geometry. Rich, luxurious and exotic, the style has bold colors and shapes that make it a favorite of many interior designers.Using a Moroccan interior design theme within your home is trending day by day . Using a combination of colourful fabrics, intricate carving and arched doorways, the Moroccan theme embraces the mixture of cultural influences that are within the country’s history.

Moroccan interior designs , Beautiful,elegant ,imperial

Moroccan interior designs


History of moroccan interior designs-

Situated in Northern Africa, as one of the only three countries to have a coastline along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco has often been the subject of lush and romantic fantasy. The country is extremely diverse, with residents who Arab, Berber, and many European and sub-Saharan African immigrants. The interior design that originates in Morocco reflects this diverse area, rich in cultural traditions and history. Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics, it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become quite popular around the world. Moroccan interior design invites the rich colors of the Middle East, dynamic contrasts, traditional patterns, and the uniqueness of Moroccan decorations and accessories into your home.

Traditionally Moroccan homes were designed with privacy in mind, which meant no front yards or backyards. Instead, homes were built around a central courtyard, often adorned with fountains or pools.  It is  difficult  to change the footprint of our homes to include a new central courtyard. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t include some Moroccan elements in our outdoor spaces. You can add  simple, store-bought central water feature. Fragrant flowers, colorful pottery, low bench seating and hanging lanterns will add a moroccan touch .


This design style draws much of its inspiration from the Moorish design of the East and from the shapes and colors of the rolling sands of the desert.


Features moroccan interior designs –

Here are certain features peculiar to Moroccan architecture –

Adorable architecture –

Traditional Moroccan architecture is shaped by centuries of cultural and religious influences. Beautiful archways and curved doorways in the Islamic keyhole design are some of the style’s most recognizable elements.

Ancient architecture , beautiful interior designing

Architecture at its best !

Colour scheme !

The colors used  in traditional Moroccan interiors range from bold and to subtle and subdued. Most often , either desert or ocean hues are used . Shades of  red, orange, green and blue dominate the interiors, with a neutral or color-washed background.Good colours to use include terracotta, gold, red, lavender, violet, sunset yellow, silver, jade green, fuchsia and royal blue.

Colour scheme , beautiful

What a beautiful combination of colours !

Fancy furniture !

Delicately carved furniture and elegant  upholstered pieces are essentials of Moroccan interiors.  As mentioned before, low seating is a key feature in Moroccan furnishings so including floor cushion and foot stools to sit on works very well if you are creating this look.

Low seating , amazing

Low seating


 Ravishing  Rugs –

Traditionally,  rugs were used as bedding, blankets or saddles. Their  designs focus on abstract and geometric patterns with colorful and neutral palettes.  But authentic or vintage Moroccan rugs can cost a lot of money these days.

Beautiful moroccan style rugs

Beautiful rug


Tantalizing  Textiles !

Moroccan fabrics, such as silks or other gauzy textiles, can be used and layered as room dividers, draperies or furniture protectors,cushion covers ,etc .These will definitely add an elegant look to your living room , bedroom ,etc .moroccan textile


Tile in style !

  Moroccan tiles focus on geometric and abstract  forms, framing doors and windows and decorating floors, walls, fountains and accent and art pieces and are basically a reflection of the ancient architecture .These brightly patterned tiles are used to frame doors and windows, as table tops, and on accent pieces, such as mirrors, picture frames, and wall art.

moroccan style tiles

Lavish  Lanterns!

Lanterns are the part and parcel  of this design style. These are intricately made from metals such as brass or copper.
Metal lanterns come in various styles and finishes that adds a  Moroccan touch  to your interiors .Moroccan lantern

Artful Accents-

Metal mirrors, vases, lanterns, kettles and trays are just a few of the traditionally hand-crafted metal items that adorn Moroccan interiors.

Traditional Moroccan interior design brings crafty Moroccan lamps and skillfully carved wood elements for Moroccan furniture, doors, windows and mirror frames.A fun accessory for a Moroccan style kitchen or dining room is a ceramic tajine (or tagine), a ceramic cooking vessel, usually adorned with intricately woven designs.

Exotic aromas –

The aroma of African cuisine and tea with spices stimulates all human senses, adds the final touch, and evokes Moroccan home decor.

As a Moroccan style intends to appeal to your senses, it is a good idea to pay attention to the use of aroma within your room so you might want to include some scented candles of an oil burner within your design.

Crafty cushions

The use of large floor cushions and poufs’ covered in beautiful fabrics are a key element in Moroccan furnishing, lively and eye-catching.Cushions , moroccan style

Structural Elements and Doors

Doorways and windows are arched or shaped in the traditional Islamic key-hole design.Moroccan style doors

You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this look. With a bolt of fabric, a can of paint, a stencil or two, and appropriate accent pieces, any room can be transformed into a Moroccan retreat.Good luck !


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