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Modern pooja room designs to fill your home with divinity

When you need , God knows .

When you ask , God listens .

When you believe , God works .

Use these ideas to  design your own pooja unit  to create a sacred space where we send our prayer vibrations to the Gods we adore. We adorn our shrines with gold, glitter and fragrant flowers; we light up lamps and incenses, creating an island of calm where we join our hands in prayer to the divine beings in which our faith lies. Pooja rooms are auspicious, and send positive vibes throughout the home, hence it is not surprising that many people choose to make it the sacred center of their home. You can consult the top interior designers in Delhi about how to make your pooja room more wonderful.

 Wooden platform –

This platform for prayer is designed to be integrated into the main living area or dining area. The main altar is supported by a wooden platform . While the wooden platform on the floor creates a niche space where one can sit on the floor to pray or kneel in worship. A platform at the bottom and a false ceiling given to light up the space, separate it from the rest of the room.


Glass glow –

A small room can be turned into a pooja room by simply adding a stained glass door depicting the sun, the source of life, casting a spectrum of pure light throughout the cosmos. It can be highlighted by an elegant background panel and soft lighting. This unique pooja room is awe-inspiring, and cultivates fiery devotion.

Shelves  –

The  altar  may not have the space to hold all the precious collections of idols , so  creating  shelves  in the pooja room might be a good idea.

Corner Case-

An  elegantly designed prayer corner is ideal for houses with space constraints. A niche space for prayer can easily be designed to fit your home no matter how small it may be. While making a separate pooja room is not feasible for every house, we can devote a corner or space to place our holy deities.

Idle idol-

A  single glowing brass statue placed against a pure tiled marble backdrop on a pedestal is enough to invoke feelings of sanctity, adoration and love for the almighty.

Get a cabinet –

Cabinets give a storage space to store the pooja essentials.   The doors of a pooja cabinet can be embedded with tiny bells .

Portable pooja unit –

A closet styled pooja ghar which is easily moveable utilises minimal space .


 Wall attached Pooja Unit-

A space saving design for smaller homes in urban cities beautifully done with some texture paintings.

 Shivaling  themed wall –

 Marble pooja unit –

Go for a  marble pooja room. Hang photos of your deity on the side wall and flank the pooja space with suspended oil lamps.


Some decoration tips –

  • Decorate it with colourful rangoli design.
  •  Pillars and the base embellished with traditional gold coated plates and metallic shikkaras give an antique look to a  pooja cabin.
  • The use of curtains emulating the scene of altar at the temple is a unique thought.
  • Use LED lights to build an interesting  pooja room.
  • A usual wardrobe can be changed into a stunning pooja ghar with a little bit of carving and adhesive work.


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