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Home library idea for your home decor ! - iRenovate

Books are our never failing friends. They are our best friends, philosophers and guides. The more you read, the richer you get from inside. Fabulous home library decor can really make the difference between a boring sequence of shelves and a unique place to relax while comfortably enjoying imaginative ventures and adventures.

Everything that brings joy to the soul, knowledge to the mind and vivacity in the body is worth investing in.

Create your own world of books at home , with our awesome interior design ideas . Imagine walking in to find an almost forgotten world, where light, furnishings and scented books hold the collective key to diving into unique experiences of the mind.  Bask in the ambiance of this promise of adventure, romance and transcendence.

  1. Take your stories to another storey: The most classy home library idea !

    This is actually trending ! You can add a spiral staircase  to give a stylish look .

  2. Stunning shelves: The most stylish home library idea-

Bespoke shelving in a modern home can be seen alongside classic furniture in a successful effort of adding high-class and sophistication to this reading and writing space.

Stitched Panorama

3.Dancing ladder –

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (6)

 A classic library ladder to reach every book and a cozy chair with ottoman is all you need to prepare yourself for diving into a world waiting to be discovered page by page.

4.It’s lit !

A corner fireplace that illuminates and creates a comfort zone around it, so that your readings can be accompanied by the crackling fire. Facing the fireplace, a cozy armchair invites you to take a seat and warm your legs with a book in your lap.

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (8)

5. Victorian Gothic library-

With fully paneled walls and fire crackling under a large emblem, this space promises privacy .

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (12)

 6. Elegantly encapsulated –

Library design encapsulated in wood is a great idea and utilises minimal space

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (13)

 7. Official aura –

Library design including an office space is not only functional, but also a great help for those studying and working from home.

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (14)

 8.A truly classic mansion library-

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (17)

 This one is ideal for large mansions and bungalows .

9. Custom cabinetry –

Showcasing a mix of deep, warm colors, this library provokes you to take a trip down memory lane while looking through your photo albums or share an adventure with fictional characters in a comfortable setting.

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (24)

10  A modern setting –

This elegant library beautifully displays a wooden-paneled comfort zone .

30 Classic Home Library Design Ideas (28)

11 . Library under staircase –


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

So keep reading books ! Make your reading experience even more wonderful by creating your own library and styling it the way you like. Hope these interior designs would help 🙂 Good luck !


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