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Get the perfect dressing room ! - iRenovate

An entire room dedicated to personal attire seems like the height of sophistication.Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Just love yourself and the way you are! Admire your beauty. Don’t be a football of other’s opinion and be self confident. Gift yourself a dressing room.

Arrange in style !

Find your  ”me time ”  in your dressing room . The dressing room is a perfect place to admire your own beauty !

Keep all your accessories , shoes , clothes in an organised fashion , by creating your own dressing room using these simple tips !

Chandeliers !

Chandeliers can add a royal look to any space . Why not add a little royalty to your dressing room  also ?

Chandelier for your dressing room !

Chandelier for your dressing room !

A  mini chandelier (also called a chandelette) can be added to the small dressing room !

Spruce it up with accessories !

A  mirror is an essential accessory for a dressing room to both see what you are wearing but also to create the illusion of a bigger room.

Wardrobes or open shelves ?

You can go for either of them. Both can be customized according to your needs and space. Ideas are limitless, even with a smaller space. Open storage systems,can be created by using rails, racks and shelves, allowing you to view clothes all at once.

Open shelves !

Open shelves !


Interior designers suggest neutral colours for dressing rooms . Smaller rooms benefit from lighter colours and give the appearance of more space. Neutral colours also allow for clothes to stand out, making it easier to choose!

Neutral colours !

Neutral colours !

Flooring !

Flooring should match the adjoining rooms .

Flooring for your dressing room !

Flooring for your dressing room !

Lighting !

The lighting within a room is just as important as accessories . Lights fitted within a mirror,look great !

Stay true to your own tastes and your personal style, whilst keeping in mind the general rules about the size and positioning of the dressing room’s furniture and the importance of the correct lighting.


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