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Drapery - reasons to love your draperies and use it in the best way ! - iRenovate

Adding drapery treatments is often the final and most important step in completing the design of a room. They add so much elegance to the room. Curtains are so much more than pieces of arbitrary material that keep the light out and give privacy at night.

Right selection of draperies can change the ambience of your room .
Drapery treatments are multi-functional and can significantly and dramatically change a room. In some cases, when privacy or light control aren’t issues, decorative side panels can frame a beautiful view and soften a room. When privacy and light control are needed, a functioning drapery treatment will take care of those needs and add beauty and softness to your room.

Importance of drapery –

Climate control-

  Full draperies across the window is one option or even a blind, shade, or shutter with simple side panels will add a layer of warmth in the winter and keep things cool in the summer.

Draperies reduce the glare on your television-


Provides privacy

Keeps your privacy intact .


Gives a chic look to your home –

Every time we add any type of drapery, it literally changes the whole outlook of the room forever.


Keeping the lights out can help you sleep better –

Doctors say that one must sleep in total darkness to get a good sleep . Draperies here come in as a savior .

Architectural enhancement –

Sometimes it’s not the window that you want to emphasize upon but another architectural feature, such as a rounded ceiling.


 Adds a transitional flair

.A solid color with simple bands keeps this window treatment tailored and chic and complements the similarly styled rug.


Types –

 Basically, drapes can be broken down into two categories:

  • functional and non-functional.

Functional drapes are used to block light, control temperature and provide privacy. The most common types available are Roman shades and pinch pleat (draw) drapery. Non-functional drapery is geared more toward adding accents to the room. Common types of these are panels, valances, swags/cascades, Roman shades and cornices.


Some designs –


But where to start? Picking the right curtains can be a recondite task. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what will work with the rest of your interior elements.Some examples are given below –

Romantic setting –

If the curtains are more a light buffer, a romantic tinge to a warm, inviting domestic living space.You can add draperies around your bed to give a romantic look .

Funky fusion –

Draperies can be a  fusion of colour and tone. Cushions teamed up with  lampshade and curtains can give a great look to your interior design .

Easy  breezy-

Employing a soft, sheer light peach drape for the rear windows, fusing together with the eclectic mix of design choices, delivers  the room a distinct sense of lightness and breeziness.

Traditional look –

Of course, there is always a place for the traditional drapery  touch. A good sense of curtain work can really make all the difference.


 Multiple thin panels-

With multiple side-by-side windows, virtually any window treatment arrangement is possible. The four-panel arrangement is particularly appealing in rented spaces, which are so often bereft of unique architectural features and arresting views.



As a pair of thick panels.

While multiple thinner panels are an excellent solution in many contexts, sometimes bracketing the panes on either side with two thick, hefty panels that traverse the wall is the better design choice.


Some tips –

  • You can hang curtains on rods or fit them into rods. These days there is a variety of curtain rods, color and designs to choose from.
  • Be careful while selecting the rod as it needs to hold the weight round the clock and it should gel with the wall colors.
  • If the room is small then use window size curtains. Do not use multi-colored curtains in the same room. It makes room look crowded and small. At a minimum use 2 colors only in the same room.
  • Fabric colors must go along with the upholstery or be in contrast with it.
  • Selection of dark colors like red , maroon and deep brown for curtains make the room look smaller as light will not penetrate.
  • Make sure your wall, flooring and furniture are in perfect co-ordination with your curtains to simplify this you can use neutral colors to make it easy to match if you already have fanciful colors in the room.
  • Use dark colors for draperies in the bedroom as it gives better sleep.
  • If the windows attract a lot of sunlight select neutral colors as they will fade less.
  • Cotton fabric is ideal for curtains. You can give a royal look to the room by selecting velvet or silk.

Use these ideas to boost your interior design . Good luck !!


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