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Kitchen tips for beating the heat this summer - iRenovate

Summer is finally  here and at its peak too. In this hot summer, it is really irksome to work in a kitchen near the stove ! Here are some smart kitchen tips to beat the heat in summers

1. Use smarter  appliances – Smart kitchen tips

Ovens and stoves add excessive heat to the kitchen, so consider trying small scale alternatives: toaster ovens, electric skillets, microwaves and rice cookers. Instead of frying things in a utensil full of cooking oil ,opt for an air fryer ,as they do not let the heat bother you much and moreover they make food which is healthier as minimum quantity of oil is used .

Induction stoves, which use less heat than your regular stove top, and exhaust fans, which will send the warm air right out the window is a good option.


Microwave helps to beat the heat !

Take advantage of the microwave whenever possible, as it produces little to no heat. You can even use it for boiling water or steaming veggies.


The only way to prevent fainting brought on by heat exhaustion, of course, is to ensure proper hydration.Drink plenty of water while cooking to help keep your body cool and hydrated.

Easy kitchen tips

Keep yourself hydrated !


3.Cooking hours –

You can also try cooking in the late-night or in the wee hours in the morning  when the kitchen will already be cooler than it would be in the evening.

Smart kitchen tips

Cook either in the late night hours or in the morning

4. Some cooking tips to beat the heat !

Allow all your food to thaw before throwing them in an oven or stove, or cut your vegetables and meat into smaller pieces to allow them to cook faster.


5.Damp kitchen towel !

Store clean damp kitchen towels in the refrigerator

6.Cook With Fresh Ingredients

Incorporate foods that don’t need heating, such as fresh salads and fruits. Plus, using lighter ingredients like olive oil and vinegar won’t make you feel so weighed down after meals. This kitchen tip can make a lot of difference in the average temperature of your kitchen.

Use fresh ingredients


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