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Contemporary interior design: Use of lovely lilac - iRenovate

Lilac, like any shade of purple is often underrated when it comes to interior decoration. People tend to refrain from the use of shades of purple because of the color being associated with femininity and being used predominantly in girls’ room for a long period of time. With the changing trend and styles, lilac is a color no longer restricted to the walls of a teenage girls’ bedroom but has found its way to almost every room of the house. With some renaissance, lilac has become a part of some very sophisticated and elegant looking interior styles for the contemporary interior design.

This pale violet hue is known for being the color of the Syringa flower which is commonly known as the ‘lilac flower’. Purple since long has been regarded as a rich and luxurious color. The elegance possessed by shades of purple has now drawn people to include the color in the interiors. Violet and its shades can influence our mood in different ways. Lilac represents wisdom, influence and inspiration and calms the mind down. It is proven, that purple helps with psychological conditions and diseases.

It needs to be made sure that one does not go overboard with the use of lilac or any other shade of purple because like any rich color, too much use of it will make the entire appearance tasteless.

Lilac is an appropriate choice for the primary color of the room and which also makes it the most lovable contemporary interior design. However, if one wishes to use a darker shade like violet, it should be restricted to one wall with the other walls being preferably painted in lightest shade of lilac, any other pale shade of purple or white.

The best way to get a chic look using lilac in the room and not go overboard with it is combining it with other subtle colors like ivory or white. It creates a simple yet elegant setting for a living room or bedroom.

Another way of incorporating lilac in the interiors is through accessories, upholstery, curtains etc. Different shades of purple that go with the primary color scheme of the interior can be used in accessories to all a little freshness and warmth. If one doesn’t wish to include lilac in the color of the walls, it could be used as the color for furniture in sofas, shelves etc which illuminates lovely lilac as beautiful contemporary design.

To opt for a more luxurious looking style, lilac can always be paired with metallics like silver or dull gold. Shades of purple specifically complement sliver when combined together in interiors and give a royal touch to the overall appearance.


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