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How to Choose paint colours for your home- Color Psychology Decoded

Color psychology for a home that feels good

Colors are an extremely impactful element of any home and apart from being a reflection of one’ s personality, the colors used in a home have a significant physical and emotional impact. Often, not a lot of thought and time is put in while choosing the color of the rooms at a home but the room color affects our mood and thoughts constantly. That is why selecting a color theme for the rooms is important. Colors can act as a powerful tool to create a mood, theme and space illusion in any room. Given the constant impact room colors have, keeping color psychology in mind while choosing the colors for different rooms in a home can help in creating an emotionally healthy and sound environment.


The three basic ways colors act in are active, passive and neutral. Light colors are expansive and airy, making rooms seem larger and brighter and so are suitable for compact rooms to create an illusion of more space. Dark colors look sophisticated and they give large rooms more warmth and affinity.

The psychological value of any color should be kept in mind before deciding on a color theme for any room. Here is how some colors affect the human mind and how could these colors be incorporated in the themes of different rooms.


Calming blues –

Colors in the shades of blue feel calming and serene and are said to lower the blood pressure level and pulse rate leading to a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Blue is recommended for use in bedrooms and bathrooms but should be preferred in rooms with ample natural light so that it does not end up looking too cold and gloomy.

One should refrain from using darker shades of blue as the theme color as they look dull and sad. In a room with blue as the primary color, warmer hues could be used for furnishing to create a balanced look.


Raging red –

Being an intense color, red raises the energy level and appetite and can thus is suitable for use in dining room and kitchens that include the eating area. Red is a color that creates a strong impression and is not suitable for bedrooms.

In a red themed room, lighter furnishings can be preferred to make the room look spacious and create a well-balanced theme.


Sunshine yellow –

Yellow is the color of warmth, sunshine and joy. Light hues of yellow are an ideal choice for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It’s useful for creating a spacious illusion in small rooms. Even though yellow is an energizing and cheerful color, it is not suggested to be used as the primary color because if overused the color might create feelings of irritation.

It can be integrated in the primary color theme of the room through furnishings, upholstery, textured walls or wallpaper.


Serene green –

Green is the color of the nature and is the most calming color to the eye. Green makes people feel close to nature and relieve stress. Green is said to help with fertility and thus is a good choice for the bedrooms but can be used in any of the rooms in the house because it is a subtle combination of the energy of the warm colors and the relaxing effect of the cool colors.

Muted shades of green can be chosen as the primary color for smaller rooms while the darker shades can be used in large hallways and dining areas.


The neutral colors –

Shades of black, white, grey and brown comprise the neutral color palette. They are classics of decoration and can be used in small accents for decoration. Neutral colors never go out of trend and are a safe and easy choice if one isn’t into experimentation with interior styles and colors.


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