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Big Chills Khan Market Review

If you are looking for a place where you can delve into an atmosphere of movies and theater, the best place to explore it is in Big Chills, Khan Market.  The place looks quirky in its decor and design; with old vintage movie theme adorning its walls and floor.

The restaurant is divided into three parts; with two divided by a wall and a step up flooring divided by another wall. The entry to each section is through a deep dark colored green archway. As you enter each you come to different section of the place. Each secluded and yet connected to each other.



As we enter in, we are delighted by the rich movie-culture theme reflected on the walls. Its main theme is popular vintage movies through the ages. You’ll find Audrey Hepburn sitting next to you. The ambiance is lit and exciting, it gives you a sense of friendliness. The inside flooring is divided into two parts; with a single section on a step up and the other two sections on the base floor. The style is definitely appreciative.


The inside is nicely designed with wooden planks as the flooring. The flooring is in itself divided, with one half of it raised and the other on the base. The seating arrangement is intelligently done. According to the comfort of the clients and the type of clients they receive; they have two seat tables for the usual cafe lovers and a six seat table for hangouts and chill-outs.



In the end, all we are left to say are the words of appreciation for the fantastic decor and an interesting theme. Big Chill, Saket has loads of customers every day and all this is not just because of its amazing food but also because of its creative decor and theme.


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