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Best Collection of Terrace garden ideas for your home -Tantalizing Terrace

In the present scenario, where we all have such hectic lives, we need a break from the monotonous and tiresome life. Having a terrace garden in your home can be relaxing and soothing to your soul and spirit. Plants in your home can build a refreshing aura for you. One can just sit in one’s personal garden and relax or have an evening walk.

Moreover, beautifully designed terrace gardens can add a luxurious and elegant look to your home & it reflects the best interior designing experts being consulted for such a look of your home.

In case you are covering the surface of the terrace with soil, make sure you waterproof the surface to avoid any leakage into the home. If you are going for a regular terrace garden with pots, there are no extra efforts required.

So here are some tips to create your own stylish garden!

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Fantastic flooring –

Choose flooring type that suits your budget and the theme of the rooftop garden. Wooden slabs as flooring is a great idea and are in trend these days. You can brick flooring as well to give your terrace garden a natural look.


Garden flooring

Wooden flooring

 Right furniture for your flora –

Furniture that fits the style and theme of your garden would be appropriate. Wooden furniture adds a good casual look to your garden. You can also go for metal benches teamed with nice cushions. You can even keep a small dining table if you plan to have your morning breakfast or lunch there.

furniture for terrace

Bonfire –

You don’t have to go to hill station camps to enjoy a bonfire night. Create a compact bonfire place in your terrace garden that gives the warmth you need to allow you to enjoy your garden for longer.

Bonfire place

Middle masterpiece –

Create a masterpiece in the middle that attracts the eye. A water feature like a fountain, a tall tree with cemented boundary, a beautiful arrangement of plants, a statue etc. These things add a royal touch to your garden space.

Perfect plantation –

Choose the perfect plants according to for your terrace garden.Get a real garden like feel with little high vegetation around the walls to maximise greenery and to confine yourself from the rest of the city.Maple trees on the rooftop garden look phenomenal. Make sure you maintain the diversity in the size of plants .Buy containers of different sizes this will give a great look to your rooftop garden. Adding colourful hanging pots is a great idea. Grow trees, shrubs, foliage plant and annuals for a burst of colour.

Plants for terrace

Raised beds –

Raised beds are trending.  You can add wooden raised beds or the ones that are made from metal and in them you can even grow tall shrubs and small trees and with the regular maintenance, pruning, and root trimming in every few years you can control the plants. Elevated raised beds from the surface do not touch the surface and then roots of the plants may not be able to penetrate and are safer .

Raised beds

The Lightened Terrace Garden

During the evening, it is important that your rooftop garden is well-lit. Lighting a roof will make it look larger during dusk. You can use different lights, in different places like near the plants, or incorporated on the wooden raised beds, near the staircase. Lights add a vibrant look to your garden.

Lights for terrace

Reflecting the mirror look –

Make a small garden feel larger with decorative mirrors.

Mirror for your garden

Create your own path!

Creating pathways in between the grass garden adds a chic look. The STONE pathways are a big hit. The pathways can be decorated well by placing lights on the sides and hanging pots.

Stone path

Hope you liked your own customizations of your terrace. One can also get more ideas in person via iRenovate and renovate your home in very efficient way.


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