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Bedroom renovation of your house over the next weekend ! - iRenovate

Bedroom renovation of yours over the next weekend just by adding a few things !

Add show pieces and frames to your walls for bedroom renovation !

Add a vintage piece, a nice table lamp or any DIY craft item as this can infuse a breath of freshness in your room. You can also add frames to your walls to make the dull wall a lively one .

Decorate room

Enliven !

Replace old bedding for bedroom renovation !

Now this is something you should ideally do everyday ! Our old sheets contain our dead skin cells and hence sheets should be changed everyday . In summers , its better to add cool and neutral shades rather than dark ones !

Layered textiles

Change the bedding !


Rugs can do wonders !

Its the most simple thing to do ! Just add a rug to your floor which will change the whole look of your bedroom floor .

Rug it !


Paint it !

Add a fresh coat of paint to your bedroom giving it a refreshing look .

Change the look !

Change the setting !

Changing up the setting of the furniture of your room can add a new look .

Throw the clutter out !

Adopt a minimalist approach. Try to keep minimum things in your bedroom. This also keeps the negativity out ! Keep only functional items in your bedroom .

Flowers –

Add a flower vase and put some fresh flowers in it ! This adds a refreshing vibe to your room !

Flowers add freshness !

 Move the TV out for sprucing bedroom !

It’s better to shift the TV to the living room. It is better to read a book or listening to music before going off to sleep as it helps you to sleep better !


Scents !

Candles, room diffusers, room sprays, and linen sprays — great scents can really help set a mood.

Get a new curtain rod and some new draperies !

New draperies !

 Install decorative display shelves !

Shelves !

Update your hardware

A stylish new door knob or new drawer and cabinet pulls will give a room a new feel.

Side table for bedrooms


Hang up a large mirror, and watch a small room open up.

Mirror makes the room appear bigger !


Try to keep your bedroom for relaxing, recreation, rest and rejuvenation. Use these tips ! Good luck !


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