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Alluring Bar unit designs for flats - Small spaces

In a quest to go upmarket,the bar at home is an interior design trend that is catching a lot of attention of the homeowners. Many see this as a great way to relax and enjoy drinks with family and friends.You can create a bar unit at home and you don’t need to go to crowded clubs .

A bar could be an appropriate addition to your living room, patio, or even the kitchen. The mini bar can be easily placed in a corner .

Bar unit for homes

The size and design of bar unit will depend on needs as well as the availability of space. If there is any theme in your home decor, incorporate that in your bar as well.The bar can  vary from straight semi-circular counter in a particular corner to a huge trolley on the wheels or  tucked under the staircase .

Cool Cabinet-

A small cupboard /cabinet  can have glasses and alcohol. If required a small or mini-fridge can be designed to fit in the area .

Cabinet bar

Elegant Extension –

Another important option is to expand the display of crockery display unit in the dining room to assist as a bar counter. This also can be done by offering a countertop for putting in bottles.

Bar extension



Beautiful barrel bar-

The wine barrel has a door cut into it and shelves installed, along with an interior light, to create a stunning feature point.


Captivating  cart( a bar cart )-

Wheel your bar to your sofa.  This uses minimal space .

Bar Cart




The Tube TV Bar-

Old tube-style TVs are being turned into gorgeous mini-bars. Whether it’s the large console style or just the TV itself, they all look pretty cool.


The butler’s table-

These are a sturdy and smart solution that can sit in the corner.With a top that copes off and folding legs, it certainly is portable. It’s a good amount of space for a basic cocktail counter.

 The sturdy tray-

When all else fails, find yourself a great tray, preferably with raised sides. You’ll need really strong handles, and a place to store it with everything on it, but it’s a cost-effective, space-smart way to keep a small mixing station contained and still remain portable.


Spectacular Shelf-

 A bar unit  tucked into spare shelves beneath a staircase, is a perfect example. You do not need to have an actual ‘bar’ in your place, just get creative with your space.

Splendid staircase-

The clever location of the bar makes great use of an often-wasted space. When not in use the bar can be closed off behind bi-folding joinery panels that match the staircase, so it can remain unnoticed.

Marvelous makeover-

A wall of sleekly lacquered cabinets and drawers. A  full bar with integral refrigeration and tap,  with integral LED lighting can be created .

Classy closet-

A bar can be fitted into a closet which does not utilise much space .

Corner Cabinet-

If you really want a bar but don’t have space to spare, have corner cabinets in the dining rooms. This is a great place to stash your prettiest glassware and liquor bottles.

Corner cabinet bars


Dazzling designs –

Textured walls along a sculptural and lit art installation create a great backdrop. Throw in a few key accessories  like decorative glasses and decanters.can also install a fancy bar that equips such a.s bottle holder, wine stand and hanging glass holders. Also, if the space permits, hanging the lights can be used over or above the counter.

Be seated !

One of the prime aspects of a home bar is its seat. The bar stools are great.  If space permits ,adding some sitting away from the bar would also add some appeal to the bar .

Hope you liked these bar unit designs ! Do keep these in mind and get the perfect bar unit for your home , while utilising minimal space . Cheers !!!!!


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